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Training dogs and cats on their memory skills can be a job in itself. What do dogs think about? What do cats think about? Sometimes it can be hard to tell what your dog or cat maybe thinking. Clover might be thinking, “Only if they would let me chase cats. Then I would have more bones to dig holes for in the back yard.” Your cat on the other hand might be thinking “What am I going to claw up today, that new couch sure is looking good.” Fact is we just do not know what is going on in our pet’s mind. If your dog looks at cats as if he/her wants to chew on them, then it would be best to buy him/her a chewy dog bone to take his mind off the delicious cat next door. Although I think we would not have a problem with cats as in some cultures they serve roasted cat. I kid you not. Such as in China, served up as a cuisine. Cat tearing up the furniture? Then never fear, make your own or buy a catch scratching post from Wal Mart, and set it in the middle of the room for your cat to go wild and off the chain.

Training dogs and cats is similar to training our kids on doing just about anything. Such as show them at an early age how to brush their teeth twice a day. Dogs and cats much like our young girls and boys take time to embed something new into their memories. So doing something with them over and over again is really good training. I and my wife have a chiwawa. Her name is Sasha. Sasha loves human food. She will beg and beg for you to throw her down some tasty ribs or chicken. This is a bad idea to begin with. Why is it a bad idea? Because when it comes time to feed them dog food or cat food which is really meant for their type of digestive tracks, they will turn their nose up to it and will not eat it.
In most cases cats and dogs that we raise up in our families won’t know that they are our pets. They will see their selves as no different from you and I. Even though they really are a part of our family, we still need to maintain their health and grooming.

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