Cat Meow Cat Toy

This Toy Got Even MY Lazy Cats Off The Couch!

Not sure if you have seen this new Cat Meow cat toy or not, but it just started airing on tv pretty heavily lately in my area.  For folks who have indoor cats like I do, it seems like a great solution to getting them some exercise.

Cats Meow As Seen on TV


If you haven’t watched the commercial for this toy, you can take a look at it here.

video object

So, will your cat think it is a mouse inside this toy?  Hmmm, who knows, but it will enjoy chasing the moving object around and around.

I personally was a little hesitant about ordering one of these because of my two cats – both are pretty lazy.  I wasn’t sure if they would bother chasing it, but I went ahead and bought one.  I’ve had it for about two months now and I am really pleased with it.  

To my surprise, not just one, but BOTH of my cats actually chase it around and around.  Even after two months of not actually catching the “mouse” inside, they still continue to play with it much more than I thought they would.

If your cats are in need of some exercise and some entertainment, you may want to pick up one of  these cat meow cat toys

Only problem is…. so far, I have only found them for sale online.  They have a dedicated website that you can buy one from, but they seem to be pretty over priced on there.  The cheapest place that I found them for sale has been on Amazon.
This cat toy has quickly become one of the best selling cat toys on Amazon.  You can take a better look at it and read some more customer reviews on Amazon which could better help you decide if this cat toy will be a good fit for your cats as well.  

Cats Meow Customer Reviews On Amazon

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