Cats Need ID Tags Too!

Cats are creatures of habit, and one of those habits are to check out the neighborhood.  What happens if your cat gets out and begins to wonder, and loses its way home?  Do your neighbors know your cat well enough to know that it belongs to you?
One of the best means of preventing your pet from not being returned home is to have your contact information clearly visible and up to date.  What’s the best way to do this?  …. with one of these new FurCodes ID Tags

FurCode For Cats

FurCode ID Tags For Cats

FurCode ID Tags For Cats

FurCode ID Tags for cats are one of the new ID methods to help keep track of your pets, and it is an innovative version of the more traditional methods of identification.  Where regular ID tags and microchips fail,  FurCodes can not only be a solution, but can be a much more affordable option of keeping your pet safe.
Regular ID tags that you can purchase at your local pet store are affordable, but the information contained on them (owner contact info) often either becomes quickly outdated, or due to normal wear and tear the imprinting often wears off quickly.
Microchipping is a great option for pet identification, but it requires a visit to your vets office for insertion, and also a visit to the vet or the shelter to be read by their scanners in order for your contact information to become accessible.  This can be a costly solution for pet owners, and if they do decide to microchip, keeping their contact information up to date is not very easy.
FurCodes ID Tags are similar to the traditional pet ID tag, except contact information (and much much more) is stored online, and anyone with web browser access, or an SQ smartphone reader, can access owner contact information over the internet.  Contact information, vet information, health info, dietary needs, and much much more can be kept up to date by the pet owner quickly and easily.

FurCodes For Cats For Sale Online

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