Fur Code Pet ID Tags

FurCode Id Tags

With over 10 million pets lost each year, and only a small percentage of them ever end up returning home. With traditional pet ID tags often becoming easily outdated, FurCodes has come up with a way to keep your pets contact information up to date and readily accessible should anyone come across your pet after it has strayed from its home.

FurCodes makes finding your pet, and having it be returned home much easier than traditional methods.

These nifty pet ID tags are very affordable and have absolutely NO hidden service fees of any kind. They are not only sold with free shipping, but also come with a lifetime guarantee. What could be better than that?

These smart tags can be used for both dogs and cats alike!

FurCode is For Dogs AND For Cats

Information Needed For FurCodes Pet ID’s

When you are setting up the FurCodes Pet ID tag, you will be able to enter as much or as little information about your pet as you wish to share. You will have the option of sharing:

Your pets name and description (age, DOB, breed)
Contact information (address and up to 3 phone numbers, email address, Facebook, & Twitter)
Medical Information/ Vaccinations (Rabies vaccination information)
Veterinarian information (name and contact information of veterinarian)
Special dietary needs (any kind of food allergies, etc.)

After all of this set up is complete, anyone with computer access can enter the unique url, or scan the QR code with a smartphone and they will have instant access to all of the information needed to contact you in the unfortunate event that your dog ends up on their doorstep!

How Much Do FurCodes ID Tags Cost?

With all of the great features of these FurCodes Pet ID tags, you would think that they have to be expensive, right? Wrong!

The FurCodes system can be purchased as a laser etched aluminum tag that you can attach to any color, or it can be purchased “built into” a collar.

The tags are available in either small or large, and in 6 color choices: blue, purple, pink, red, green, or black.

These aluminum tags are on sale for $7.99 (which is 60% off their regular price)

Fur Code Pet ID Tags70288

FurCode Adjustable Collars

The “built in” FurCode collar option is really neat, I must admit! The FurCode is built right into the adjustable collar, so you never have to worry about a tag unattaching for one reason or another. These adjustable collars come in dozens of color choices, and come in sizes: small, medium, or large.

Adjustable collar FurCodes are on sale for $10.99 to $14.99

Both of these options are available for free shipping and have a lifetime guarantee!

Fur Code Pet ID Tags70290

Where To Buy FurCodes?

There are a few retail stores that sell FurCode ID tags, but the easiest way to purchase them as of right now seems to be on their official website – furcode.com. There are several color choices available for tags as well as collars.
Clicking on the banner below will take you directly to their website, and while you are there, you will have access to customer reviews, comparison charts, as well as purchasing information.

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