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For anyone who has ever experienced their losing their dog, the feeling that you get knowing your loved pet is wondering around somewhere and hoping that someone will be able to track you down if they find it, is just absolutely one of the worst feelings you can have! 
Before now, we had the ability to try to keep our pets tagged by the traditional methods of regular aluminum dog tags with our phone number and address on it, or the more expensive microchipping option. But now, we have another option as well that doesn’t include a huge expense, and our contact information is able to be updated quickly and easily with the push of a button. 
These new high tech pet id tags can be read by anyone finding our pet that has either a smartphone or web browser access.  
These tags are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and for more information, I have placed a link below for you to take a better look at them for yourself. 

FurCodes As Seen On Facebook
These FurCode ID tags are the same ones you may have seen advertised on Facebook.

Buy FurCodes Online

Buy FurCodes Online

FurCodes are for sale online through their
website, furcodes.com.  To take a look at them for yourself, simply
click on the banner below which will take you directly to their
Click here to take a look at another more
in depth review of FurCodes, or here to read about FurCode Cat ID
Tags, or here to see a furcode id tag review on Sirgo.

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