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Don’t Be A Slacker…. Get Your Dog a Tracker!

If you knew that by taking a little bit of extra precaution, you may be keeping your pet much safer… would you do it, or would you put it off, be a slacker, and just hope for the best?  Probably not!  Most responsible pet owners would probably do whatever steps necessary to keep their precious pet where it belongs… safely at home!
By keeping your pet tagged with its current address and owner contact information, a lost dog or cat can be quickly and easily tracked back to you by anyone who has web browser access, or a QR reader on their smartphone, if you have them tagged with these new ID tags called “FurCodes.”
FurCodes are one of these new gadgets that will be around for a long time to come, because they are not only easy to use, but they are super durable and are affordable vs traditional pet ID tags.

FurCode ID Tag

FurCodes vs Traditional Pet ID Tags

FurCodes vs Traditional Pet ID Tags

First off, to see just how valuable the FurCodes Pet ID System actually is, it is best to take a look at a comparison of FurCodes vs Traditional Pet ID Tags.
When a dog gets lost, and someone finds it, the first thing that they do is to check for a collar and for any possible tags, or owner contact information.  If there is none of this, the person that found the dog may put up signs, or place ads to let people know that a dog has been found.  If no owner steps forward, the next step is usually for a call to be placed to the local animal shelter to report the dog being found as a stray, and at that point, the shelter usually sends a dog warden to pick up the dog and to take it to the shelter where it will be checked for a microchip, and held for a period of time to see if an owner steps forward. 
Depending on the level of preparedness that the pet owner has taken can  either significantly decrease or increase the length of time that it will take for their pet to be returned to them.  
I used to think that microchipping was the best way to speed up this process, but after doing some research, I realized that getting a microchip does not solve everything because that microchip needs to be kept updated everytime your contact information changes.
Traditional ID tags can be readily purchased at your local pet store, and they are an okay option, but the main problem with them is also the inability to easily change your contact information, so the tags can easily become outdated if you move or change your phone number.
FurCodes  are similar to traditional ID tags EXCEPT these tags can be quickly and easily updated every time there is a change in your contact details.  There are also a bunch of neat features of these pet ID tags that the traditional ID tag, and microchipping does not provide.
Here are just a few:
1.  This tag is able to be read by anyone having web url access, or an SQ reader on their smartphone.
2.  When entering your dog’s tag info, the person who found the pet has instant online access to view your updated contact information (and alternate contact information), the pets name,  your veterinarian information,  pets medical history,  dietary information, any kind of allergies, and much more.
3.  It comes in either an aluminum tag, or a collar with the tag “built in.”
4.  It does not require a visit to the vet to have it implanted or any of that like a microchip does.
5.  It has no recurring fees.
6.  It costs less than $20 (and tags ONLY cost way less than that!)
To see more comparisons of FurCodes vs Traditional Pet ID tags, take a look at the comparison chart above, or click here to take a look at the website and once you are there, click on the “compare” tab at the top of the page.

FurCodes For Sale Online

FurCodes are for sale online through their website, furcodes.com.  To take a look at them for yourself, simply click on the banner below which will take you directly to their website. 
Click here to take a look at another more in depth review of FurCodes, or here to read about FurCode Cat ID Tags.
Click here to take another quick look at them on Sirgo.
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