Dog Poisons

The Common Human Items That Can Harm Our Dogs

By now most have probably heard that chocolate is poisonous to a dog, but what most people do not know is there are ten human items that are poisonous to our dogs. This article will give a list of ten human items we use in our everyday lives that are poisonous and sometimes deadly for our canine friends.
1.) Medications for People: the biggest culprit of toxins for your dog are ibuprofen
2.) Flea and Tick Products: we might think we are doing our dogs a favor by giving them flea and tick treatments, but we could be causing more harm than good.
3.) Human Food: we have all heard about never giving chocolate to Fido, but there are other human foods Fido should never have.
• Avocado
• Alcohol
• Grapes and Raisins
• Xylitol
• Macadamia Nuts
4.) Mouse and Rat Poisons: the dog does not have to ingest the rat poison or mouse poison directly. The dog could eat a mouse or rat that met his demise from rat or mouse poisoning.
5.) Pet Meds: too many meds can kill our dogs. Pet meds should be administered as directed by your vet.
6.) Household Plants: this is something we never would have imagined would harm our dogs, but it does. There are certain plants that can be fatal to our dogs. Some of these plants include:
• Azaleas and rhododendrons
• Tulips and daffodils
• Sago palms
7.) Chemical Hazards: just like chemical hazards can be dangerous to us and our children, they can be hazardous to our dogs as well.
8.) Household Cleaners: household cleaners can harm Fido, just like they can harm the babies. It is recommended that you “baby proof” the house to keep Fido from ingesting any harmful household cleaners.
9.) Heavy Metals: this is something that many would not think could harm their dog, however, when dogs eat lead, or battery acid, it can have the same effect on the dog as a human.
10.) Fertilizer: this is a commonly used household item. This can be harmful to the dogs that eat grass that was just fertilized.

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