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Healthy Relationships

Definition of relation meaning  is when two people connection together. Example: be a husband and wife, relationship between two siblings , as two sisters, or two brothers or brother or sister, or when two people or more together as a team at place of work. The quality of two people working together feeling being equal. Meaning their opinions are just as important as the another. A connection of particular people being related like blood, kid or marriage and has a close relationship with their siblings. A romantic or interment’s relationship.A healthy relationship is based not one in feeling the person needs to be in control of the other, one having the last word. When two people come together in marriage for example: two makes a commitment such as the marriage vows, become one to work together as a team, not one or the other always feel like superior over the other. Marriage relationship is being open and honest, communication, trust, being able to express your deep feelings and secrets with each other. 
In some cases today in our society, young people are making a commitment of marriage at a very young age and than year’s in the marriage having regrets than which leads up to growing apart, distance from their partner.  Making a marriage commitment needs to be well thought out, sitting down with each other or maybe even having a mentor such as, a counselor or priest or Reverend or Pastor to discuss or go over the ins and outs before jumping the gun and making a marriage commitment. Marriage relationship is not a game. 
I was sixteen or seventeen year’s old when I choose to jump into a marriage commitment. We are still married today but because of our age, I feel we both were to immature to make such a marriage commitment to each other. We didn’t explore our option’s for we really thought we were truly in love with each other. We do however love each other but our love for each other are more like the kind of love in how a person would love their siblings, their mother or father or best friend. So because of marrying to young, our marriage suffered. I love my husband and think of him as my best friend, our marriage grew apart because we both want different things, have totally different dreams so I sacrifice putting my dreams on hold to support my husband to fulfill his dreams. He is a good man and has been a good father and a good human being, it just our path of life we chose are different in ways, he always wants his way and he inconsiderate of my needs and my opinion. 
I believe in having a healthy relationship, it takes a lot of work on both parts and not just putting the responsibility on one’s shoulder’s to deal with alone. It takes open and honest communication between two or three parties-I am expressing in all relationship regardless of the kind of relationship, friends, family, parents, husband and wife and siblings. Healthy relationship is being honest and truthful with one another. As each individuals grows who are in a relationship so should the relationship. Being supportive and strong for each other and not pulling one another down or taking advantage of one another. Love, Live healthy, admit your mistake and don’t ever feel afraid to apologize if individual is wrong. Don’t go to bed angry at each other, make amends and work things out, if you don’t, may never have another chance or can you count on tomorrows to fix a broken relationship. In my case: I live as the Silent partner and independent but yet married to the man I chose to marry forty year’s ago. Do I have regrets? at times. I can honestly say, we both, husband and I were to young and immature to jump into a marriage commitment but because of our faith back ground in the way we both we’re raised, we both take our marriage vows seriously and do not believe in divorces, we feel divorce would be running away from the problem and not facing the problem.  Sometimes in some cases, Love can be blind. A relationship is twp or more people, friends, marriage, sisters,brothers, that has some kind of connection with each other. Healthy relationship works together, not against each other. 

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