Goji Berries Superfood for Weight Loss

How Do Superfoods work to help lose fat?

The interesting thing about eating the right foods you can actually eat more of them. The extensive health benefits of goji extracts may prevent the growth of cancer cells, reduce blood glucose, and lower cholesterol levels.
Just as in any holistic medicine one should consult a doctor before trying a fad diet or celebrity diet plans that promote whole foods for better health.
Traditional Chinese medicine use Goji berries for herbalists in China, Tibet and India but if you are buying products here in the United States make sure you are getting the real thing and not a placebo.
These superfoods can be eaten raw, brewed in teas or used as extracts. Possible drug interactions must be taken into consideration before trying any goji berry tea or juice.

Can You Eat More and Weigh Less?

Health experts have found the power of superfoods in our diet, the antioxidants help you curb cravings, burn calories, boost metabolism, making you slimmer and healthier. 

According to Wikipedia: Goji is a common English name made popular by several American-made juices and dried berries sometimes branded as “Tibetan” or “Himalayan” goji berries, although these terms do not geographically represent where the berries actually originate.

Your goal should be to maintain your weight and fight disease so you will have to eat a variety of real food that can be grown from the earth. Processed foods will only make your health worse. As a person ages they start to look for natural ways to ward off heart disease, diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, and other degenerative diseases by eating nutritional plant based fruits and vegetables.


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How much do Goji Berries Cost?

Well you are about to be shocked just as I was that the price is extremely high, if you intend on buying a Navitas Naturals Organic Goji Berries Himalayan Super-fruit, in a 10 Pound Bag, it could set you back a whole whopping $200 dollars.

Some places that you can buy this wonder fruit is at Amazon, eBay, and the Vitamin Shoppe. Why they are so popular is due to the 20 trace minerals and vitamins including zinc, iron, phosphorus, Riboflavin (B2), vitamin E as well as carotene, including beta-carotene that is available.

Goji Berrie Side Effects
Is this fruit really the source of youth, have this discovery cause people to turn back the time on aging? Also known as wolfberries eaten by Chinese and Tibetans for centuries due to there powerful antioxidants that can help fight the effects of free radicals that damage the cells and tissues of the body by oxidizing them.

Those with pollen allergies, pregnant woman and those who are taking medications for health conditions should consult a doctor before trying any anti-aging products. High blood pressure and diabetes medications should not be used with Ningxia Goji Wolfberries or other herbal supplements.

What are some of the other super foods I can try?
You can include many of these into your daily diet plan such as Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Oats, Oranges, Pumpkin, Salmon, Soy, Spinach, GreenTea, Tomatoes, Turkey, Walnuts and Yogurt.
You can find many healthy recipes online. Omega 3 rich foods such as fish, flaxseed, salmon, can lower cholesterol levels, by eating a diet high in fiber. Also it has been reported that those who eat a well rounded breakfast actually are able to lose more weight than those who do not eat in the morning, also eating very light at night will make it possible for you to burn more of your breakfast off during the day.
Stay away from fatty, greasy or sugary foods and instead eat oatmeal, grits or a whole grain cereal with eggs and some milk to start your day off. Don’t for get to add those blueberries or sliced bananas with strawberries as well.




How to Grow a Goji Berry Plant

How to Grow a Goji Berry Plant

You can make your own Goji juice with these veggie garden tips. Many have been able to grow goji vines and shrubs straight from a bag of dried berries they bought at a whole foods store, by soaking the red raisin like fruit in water and then planting the seed inside them.
Others plant cuttings of mature goji hedge that take root from runners, which grow best in alkaline soil. The full size shrub can grow to 8 feet tall.
Studies show that a 5 gallon bucket works well so the roots can go deeper and thrive in full sun. The larger and the older the shrub becomes the better the berries will be.
The planting process can be achieved with a cultivation manual to help with every aspect of growing Goji Berries from planting, pruning techniques, and harvesting.

You can alo purchase seed kits that give instructions about he germination and care of the seedlings. I found some Goji Berry Recipes for Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies online that you may want to try.

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Goji juice

It is important to note that, since the early 21st century, interest has increased for wolfberries for their novelty and nutrient value. They have been termed a superfruit, which has led to a profusion of consumer products. In traditional medicine, the whole fruit or its extracts are said to have numerous implied health effects, which remain scientifically unconfirmed.

Apparently, recently farmers in Canada and the United States began cultivating goji on a commercial scale to meet potential markets for fresh berries, juice, and processed products.

You can shop for these products online in the form of powder, capsules, seeds, as well as certified organic.



The interesting thing about adding raw, natural, fruits into our diet is that just because there is claims of health benefits does not mean it is true, so this is where it will take some research on your part to know exactly what ingredients are included in the diet products you buy.

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