The Weight Loss Challenge

The Weight Issue

Most everyone struggles with weight. That doesn’t mean that everyone is overweight, it simply means that most everyone struggles with their weight. This was driven home to me last night when my 11 year old told me that she was fat. She is a toothpick. Seriously! She’s 5 foot and weighs 100 pounds. She’s thinner than a door rail, yet she perceives herself to be fat. Then there’s those of us who are on the other side. I’m also 5 foot and weigh considerably more. My top weight was 250 and I’ve dropped more than 50 of it. That’s a good thing, because it’s hard for my little frame to be able to carry a weight such as that. So how do you bring a solution to such an issue as weight. There are many ways, which one is the best solution for you, is up to you.

It’s my intent to visit several potential solutions for you and then it’s up to you to decide which is best for you. I’ve tried several myself and some of those have worked better then others. Obviously if I’ve lost 50 pounds one of them (at the very least) is working well for me. I’m not going to say which one any more than I’m going to endorse one method over the others. So, here are a few solutions that may work for you. Keep in mind, that you’re always open to using more then one at a time and combining your efforts for the results that best work for you.

How you view yourself
is just as important as what you really look like!

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Diet Plans, Diet Pills

The Yanhee Diet Plan. These are often the solution that kick starts many people off to their weight loss journey. It’s often something that those that are extremely overweight chose to begin with. The Yanhee Diet Plan simply put are pills that will burn fat, detox and cleanse your body and suppress your appetite. These are key issues for most any body that needs to lose weight. If your heavy, you have toxins in you. The medical profession is discovering that fat holds on to toxins which is often the cause of different forms of cancer. Get rid of the toxins and you decrease the likelihood of getting cancer.
Part two was suppressing your appetite. If you’re not an emotional eater, you know that when you feel hungry, you want to eat, because it’s not a comfortable feeling. What this pill does for you then is to suppress those hunger pains and thereby block your desire to eat.

Lastly is part three: burning your fat. If you’re old like me, your metabolism has slowed and burning fat becomes extremely difficult. If you add a pill that will help your metabolism rev-up, then you’re going to be burning fat fast, which translates into losing weight faster.

It's not about dieting...
it’s about being fit for life!

Additional Methods Of Weight Loss

Additional Methods Of Weight Loss

The buddy plan! This is what I call those that are meetings. You make friends and accountability partners and you in turn show up and have someone to talk with when you want to eat and know you shouldn’t. It’s where you learn how to count your calories. Where you learn that an apple is 65 calories and walking for 10 minutes (depending on weight) is 82 calories. It’s also where you pay to learn these things at a cost of about 60 a month.
Then there’s online. Groups such as where you also can have buddies, but you also learn trivia about what to eat, what different foods do, which is better for you and which you might wish to pass on. They also have a mobile app., where you can go where you’re desperate and are pressing the panic button. While it cost nothing, you have the option to get a personal coach. The system is based on education and points. You sign in and spin the wheel, you get 1-25 points and so forth. You also get the option to having what’s called goodies. These are virtual gifts that you can give to your friends to encourage and support them.

Lastly are the nutritionist. These are those professionals that have gone to school to learn what to eat, how much to eat and how to support and maintain your health in a nutritionally balanced way. For example, if you should have diabetes, they will help you and support you in what foods will cause your diabetes to elevate, versus what foods will cause it to decrease. For example, corn is 100 % sugar. If you’re diabetic, you’re going to want to stay away from corn. If you need to lower your blood sugar, not only is water good to facilitate this, but so is cinnamon. What this will do for you is help bring your diabetes into a correct level. This isn’t the place for nutritional advice. Only a sample of what can happen be done with a nutritionist.

It doesn't matter as much about how you do it
as much as it matters that you do it!

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