How to make your dreams to want to happen

Identifying your talents Take the time to set goals Decide what you want to happen in your life and when and How Put your words to action Sit back and learn to be patience with yourself for your success to happen Don’t get discourage when it don’t happen when you want to happen. Hard work pays off. Don’t quit from one turn down-keep continued trying. Don’t put your energy or time in thinking that your first story is gone to be the best. To be a good writer, takes a lot of work on your part to research, time you want to put into your blogging or writing a book. You have to take the responsibility of your own actions and of finding your unique strengths. Use your knowledge to be a achiever. To focus positive change in your life to take place, to get to know more about yourself of who you are? What you can you do? and where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 year’s. Analyzed and take an inventory to identify and accept and act on your strengths. Until than you won’t be able to know your limitations in to succeed and conquer to over come your fears of not trying.

First your personality strengths:
Do you quickly get upset and angry at yourself because of something did not work as you planned.

Find what your interest are:

What do you like to do?
May be you like to work on cars, or remodels houses, build houses, even the little things as writing short stories or poems.
Be creative. Are there people in your life that were good role models, good influence and supportive that you may go to and share your ideas to get some honest feed back.

What events in your life that may have happen that you can write in a story to influence your readers that may encourage them in how you over come obstacles in your life.
Do have recurring ups and downs and How do you react to them? Have you set good ambitious goals in your life and just wrote them down on a piece of paper and done nothing about them to challenge yourself.

Are you conscientious of everything you do or say? To write a good story, it takes dedication and hard work on your behalf. Need to find confidence in yourself. Be determine to want to do whatever your interesting in. Be precised and productive in what you want to write about. I am still learning and I have my own ups and downs and even turn downs where people who reads my stories of my biography of my life leave negative comments but that is okay for that is only one opinion. It is not gone to effect me in any way. I am determine to be the best I can be with using my strengths what I am able to do. I sure you can too if you ambitious and determine to achieve your goals. One of my goals I have set for myself is becoming a better photographer in taking photo’s of nature and the second goal is to practice my singing to become a better singer. Work, ambitious, determination, confidence, acceptance, achieving, discipline. People can do anything who puts their minds too it.

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