Don’t settle for Second best

Hard work pays off

Ever wonder through your mind, Why things just don’t go seem right in your life, no matter how hard you try your best to suceed. I know I do. Life never came easy for me. All through my childhood and teenage year’s it was tough and it was lonely. One trial after another, I always felt I could do nothing right in my father’s eyes no matter how hard I tried to earn his approval of me. It’s tough to be in good spirits and all happy and jolly when people around you like your family has nothing positive to say. People around you has nothing to say but negative remarks. No encouraging efforts to bring your spirits up to give you that energy to give it your all and do your best. In good times and bad I always knew after school I was going to get bullied. Kids were just right outside the school grounds waiting for me. waiting until danger strikes-getting the beating over with. Many times I called out to God, please keep me safe today and survive another school day.I pray and I trusted in God and had confiendce in him that he will deliver me in times of trouble.See Satan wanted to break my spirits and spoil my love for God, Satan was out to destroy me but God’s would not allow that for I believe God send down his protection over me. when we second guess ourselves and fear to face challenges, we usually stumble. When we fall on bended knees and pray and surrender it over to God than he takes over our lives. For God is in control if we allow him to do his work in us. 
It is tough to be ethusiastic going through so many trials in our lives, specially when they come in bulks. If we put our faith in God and use those trials we face in our lives to develope patience, God will supply our needs in every way and than we will be in want of nothing. Now, isn’t that exciting to know. Need to learn patience and wait upon God’s time and do his will, not our time or want to do our will. If we only put our trust in God’s word and let patience work, it doesn’t matter what happen. At the end, We will have the Victory! 

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