Positive thinking

Be Happy!

Be happy, let your thoughts be positive thinking,walk with your head up high, not hanging low, Let the people see who you know, let the love of God in you show. Nobody knows what the day will bring, begin you’re day with prayer, let your heart sing, for God does care. Don’t let fear run you’re life, God protects the husband, children, and family
and even the wife.

Close thy ears to all what negative comments said,
negative people has to say, it how you carry yourself, how you feel about yourself and love yourself through out each passing day.
Be happy, show you’re beautiful smile, for God will give thee the strength
to walk the extra mile. An act of kindness goes along way, spread the love
for all mankind, let you’re burdens behind.

Be Happy, don’t let life battle drag you down, be encouraging,
positive attitude along you’re way. For nobody knows what someone
else is going through, nobody knows the burdens of another, support
and pray for one another. Be happy, Rejoice, live with peace and harmony
with you’re fellow man and be strong in thy faith wherever thee stand.

Be happy, not sad, not depressed, nor mad, live in peace,
trust in God, He will show thee thy way, Indeed.
Be happy and whistle or sing you’re favorite song, Be joyful,
and kind, thoughts of positive instill in you’re mind.

Support and pass on encouraging words, remember for all those
who believe and trust in thee, God is watching over you and me.
He has every hair on our heads counted, God has the power and holds our
future in his hands, knows our heartaches, our sorrows, everything about us,
for He is the great creator who created woman and man.

So Be happy, cheerful, love one another, show a little
kindness, sing praised unto him, Be thankful for God’s mercy
and loving grace, for it was by Grace we are saved when mankind
nailed God’s son to the cross, Jesus died on Calvary, to send all sinner’s “Free!

Be happy, stop and enjoy the beautiful sky, the peacefulness
and the nature of beautiful color’s of spring, live you’re life
happy and one day at a time whatever life battles brings.

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