Here’s How the World Came Together to Celebrate Captain Tom’s 100th Birthday and His $40M Fundraiser

Yesterday was the 100th birthday of Captain Thomas Moore—the WWII veteran who captured hearts around the world after successfully raising millions of dollars for healthcare workers fighting the novel coronavirus.

So in celebration of the centenarian’s special day, businesses, celebrities, government officials, hospitals, children, and social media users around the world came together to make his birthday particularly special.

Moore originally started walking around the his back garden on April 6th with the intention of raising just £1,000 solely by doing 100 laps before his 100th birthday on April 30th.

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Over the course of just one month, however, Captain Moore’s fundraiser has topped a whopping £32 million ($40 million) for NHS Charities Together—a new Guinness World Record for money raised on behalf of the healthcare system.

In recognition of his spectacular achievement, the war veteran was officially promoted from the rank of captain to honorary colonel in a letter presented by Lt. Col Thomas Miller and approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

He was also given a spectacular Royal Air Force flyby by a Spitfire and Hurricane over his home in Bedfordshire.

Moore was flooded with more than 125,000 birthday cards, all of which have been individually open and displayed in the halls of his grandson’s school.

Among the birthday cards were a few specially hand-written well wishes from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Duchess Kate, and England football captain Harry Kane.

“I am so pleased to know that you are celebrating your one hundredth birthday,” wrote the Queen. “I was also most interested to hear of your recent fundraising efforts for NHS Charities Together at this difficult time. I send my congratulations and best wishes to you on such a special occasion.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recorded a special video message of appreciation for Moore, which was broadcasted during an interview with the veteran on BBC.

“I know I speak for the whole nation when I say we wish you a very happy 100th birthday,” said Johnson. “Your heroic efforts have lifted the spirits of the entire nation, you’ve created a channel to enable millions to say a heartfelt thank you to the remarkable men and women in our NHS who have all been doing the most outstanding job.”

Moore’s newfound fame has resulted in hundreds of thousands of new social media followers; a musical single which has gone to number one on the UK’s most popular iTunes chart; and a number of shoutouts from international celebrities praising him for his work, including a video message from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

More than 1 million people from around the world also signed a petition to have Captain Moore knighted—but despite all the appreciation and praise, Moore remained humble during his birthday celebration with the press and requested that they end the event with a round of applause for healthcare workers.

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“Reaching 100 is quite something. Reaching 100 with such interest in me and huge generosity from the public is very overwhelming,” said Moore, according to BBC. “People keep saying what I have done is remarkable, however it’s actually what you have done for me which is remarkable.

“Please always remember, tomorrow will be a good day,” he concluded.

This is just one of many positive stories and updates that are coming out of the COVID-19 news coverage this week. For more uplifting coverage on the outbreaks, click here.

(WATCH the full news coverage of Moore’s birthday below)

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