Outcome of the world to come

It’s A Jungle Out There

People addiction to drugs and alcohol. Every time my husband turns on the Television turn to the News it is nothing except negative news. Hearing on the news how young man died from over dose of alcohol and drugs, just being in his thirties. Sadness in his family the grief they have to go through hearing the news about the death of their son. Than top it all the cause of his son’s death. Drugs and alcohol is destroying many young people’s life and even the life of other’s. It is evilness from the devil. You think for once that the devil cares about one’s life. The Devil is nothing but a liar, deceiver and he is out to win souls in anyway he can for human being to fall. I get high on God’s word, on people’s testimony how they over come their drug habits or alcohol through the power of Jesus Christ. Surrendering their lives in God’s hands. More and more people should be more determine to come addicted to the Word Of God, it is a high of spiritual growth and truth and salvation. When people totally give themselves into the weakness of their flesh, the end results can be damaging of one’s marriage, between son and father, or daughter and their parents, loss of employment. Can loose everything and once again, Do you think the Devil cares? “No! he don’t, He wants to see lives destroyed and marriages fall. Eventually drug or alcohol addiction catches up with one’s health, and the addiction consumes one individual or more lives. The world that our Great Creator created is like a jungle out there, people going wild and crazy and parents murdering their own children or people murdering other innocent children and even murdering innocent victims. It isn’t even safe to walk the streets in some cities like New York City or other big cities. In the book of Revelation God wrote about the signs of the end time, True Christians needs to walk in faith and power and continue to walk in the Holy Spirit. People who are not saved by grace and have a person relationship with God won’t like the end results which is darkness and damnation. Make Hell tremble. If the devil is giving you fits today and causing trouble for you at every turn. Start making him miserable for a change.
Change your road path you walk and walk toward the Holy Spirit and He will guide and protect you from the jungle of this weary wicked world today. World is changing, even in some places the weather is changing.

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