Happy Garfield’s Birthday!

On June 19, 1978 Garfield made his debut! Every year since then June 19
has been considered Garfield’s birthday. This year Garfield is turning
36 years old.

As a child I loved watching Garfield and Friends on Saturday mornings. I
would read the comics in the Sunday paper and cut out and collect the
Garfield comics. I still have stuffed Garfields sitting around my room,
including the well-loved Garfield plush that I used to sleep with.
Garfield has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. This
day is not only a day to celebrate Garfield and all the joy and laughter
he has brought over the years, but it is also a day to reflect on the
most joyous parts of your childhood and reconnect with them.

Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.

Celebrating Overcoming Depression100077

How to celebrate Garfield’s Birthday

Here are some ideas to celebrate Garfield’s Birthday:

Eat lasagna
It is well known that lasagna is Garfield’s favorite food. It is nature’s most perfect food.

Take plenty of naps
Napping is Garfield’s favorite sport. What a great way to honor America’s favorite cat.

Throw a Garfield-themed party
I’ve suggested some supplies to throw a Garfield-themed party below.

Make friends with a mouse
Everybody thinks cats are supposed to chase mice, but Garfield made friends with Squeak, one of the mice that lives in his house.

Try to mail an annoying friend to Abu Dhabi
Other than napping and eating, one of Garfield’s favorite pastimes is mailing his annoying feline friend Nermal to Abu Dhabi. Make sure to include enough postage.

Have a Garfield and Friends marathon
I’ve included the Garfield and Friends DVDs from Amazon below. Get your
friends together and watch old Garfield and Friends DVDs, or acquaint
yourself with the new Garfield television show that started in 2009.

Dress like Garfield
Jim Davis likes to say that Garfield is a human in a cat suit. Become the town weirdo by running all of your errands dressed as Garfield!

Supplies for a Garfield Party

These are a Garfield cake kit, a cake pan shaped like Garfield (it comes with instructions on how to decorate the cake), Garfield Monopoly, and Garfield party visors so everyone knows whose party it is.


Play Garfield-themed Monopoly. Or don’t. That seems like too much work. Take a nap instead.

Dress Like Garfield

Here are some Garfield costumes on Amazon in case you want to go all-out and dress like Garfield for his birthday. There’s also a Garfield fleece hat in case you don’t want to wear an entire costume.


Garfield and Friends

Watch your favorite feline in the classic Garfield series.

Garfield and Friends had seven seasons and is one of the longest-running
Saturday morning cartoons. Here are the first five season from Amazon.

What I Learned from Garfield

1. You never have to beg if you keep your claws sharp.

2. My body is fine just the way it is.

3. Nature is over-rated.

4. There’s always someone else to do the dirty work.

5. The simple pleasures are the best ones.

6. A little ego goes nowhere. The meek shall inherit squat.

7. It’s impossible to give a hug without getting one back.

8. Enjoy the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.

9. If Jon Arbuckle can find love then there’s hope for me, too!

10. I’ll always be fine as long as I have my best friend with me.


All pictures not associated with Amazon were taken by me.

Jon Arbuckle and Liz Wilson’s Anniversary

This article is part of a series of Wacky Celebrations. Next in the series is Jon and Liz’s (Garfield’s owner and his veterinarian) Anniversary, July 28.

Jon Arbuckle and Liz Wilson’s Anniversary
Celebrate Jon and Liz’s Anniversary

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