LaLaLoopsy Party Supplies and Party Ideas

Lalaloopsy Party Ideas, Decorations, and More

Looking for Lalaloopsy party supplies? Great! You’re in the right place!

In a hurry? See All Lalaloopsy Party Stuff Here

On this page you will find all you need for a Lalaloopsy birthday party – decorations, plates, napkins, cake toppers, goody bags, party favors, and so much more! You can even save big when you buy one of the complete Lalaloopsy party packs that have everything included. There is an awesome Lalaloopsy complete party pack below that has everything you need – there are kits of 8 and 16 guests.

Lalaloopsy Complete Birthday Party Set - 16 Count
Lalaloopsy Complete Birthday Party Set – 16 Count

Lalaloopsy Friends Together Cupcake Rings 12 Pack
Lalaloopsy Friends Together Cupcake Rings 12 Pack

Lalaloopsy Hot / Cold Cups
Lalaloopsy Hot / Cold Cups

Let’s Have a Lalaloopsy Party!

What young girl wouldn’t LOVE a Lalaloopsy birthday party?

I’ve searched all around and found some really cute Lalaloopsy party supplies like plates, napkins, banners, goody bags, and more.

But the really great ideas are in the videos – just wait until you see what some really creative moms have come up with for their Lalaloopsy party!

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Kits

Lalaloopsy Party Suppliesbr/Plates, Napkins, Table Cloth, Balloons, Forks, Cups, and MoreLalaloopsy Birthday Party Kit
Plates, Napkins, Table Cloth, Balloons, Forks, Cups, and More

Complete Lalaloopsy Party Pack

Everything you need for an awesome Lalaloopsy birthday party all in one cost-saving party pack.

For 16 guests – inlcudes, party plates, dessert plates, cups, spoons, forks, napkins, 2 table covers, balloons, ribbon, Lalaloopsy centerpiece, crepe paper, birthday cake candles, thank you notes, party hats, packed goody bags (Lalaloopsy party boxes), and a personalized banner.

Click here to get all the details (also available for 8 guests and with or without party goody bags)

Lalaloopsy Party Kits and Balloons

Lalaloopsy Complete Birthday Party Set - 16 Count
Lalaloopsy Complete Birthday Party Set – 16 Party Guest Set
buy3. V192207739

Lalaloopsy Birthday Kit Pink Purple- Plates Cups Napkins Tablecover & More
Lalaloopsy Party Kit Plates Cups Napkins Tablecover & More
buy3. V192207739

12 Polka Dot Balloons Bright Festive Colors Party Blue Green Pink and Lavender
12 Polka Dot Balloons in Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Lavender
buy3. V192207739

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Tips

If you’re planning a Lalaloopsy themed birthday party, remember, it’s not how much you spend on supplies – it’s the over-all effect.

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Decorating Tips

** The Lalaloopsy dolls are “SEW” dolls…. so think big buttons, and yarn, and stitches, and those bright colors the Lalaloopsy dolls are famous for.

** Big colorful buttons can make really cute cupcake toppers without spending much.

** Bright colorful balls yarn can add a nice touch to a centerpiece or to add extra themed effect as well.

** Put the party punch in some sort of clear container and have the punch be bright colors (bright pink works great – like pink lemonade).

** Use bright colored streamers to really make the room festive.

** Same for those brightly colored balloons.

** A simple button candy pop mold is an easy way to make treats for your party guest that are on theme (shown below).

** Make sure you get some bright pink straws!

** Also, here’s a big tip – get a cheap Lalaloopsy paper doll book and punch out the dolls…then use brightly colored clothes pins to hang them around the room!

Button Candy Pops MoldButton Candy Pops MoldCHECK PRICES

Bright Pink StrawsBright Pink StrawsCHECK PRICES

Lalaloopsy Paper DollsLalaloopsy Paper DollsCHECK PRICES

Lalaloopsy Reusable Party Cups

41uupCTa9JL. SL250
Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Supplies – Plastic Reusable Cup

I just love these Lalaloopsy party cups because they are reusable.

It doesn’t make sense to me to buy cute party cups that are only used once and then thrown away.

Instead of using disposable paper cups, why not get these cute plastic cups?

Your birthday girl can not only enjoy these cups on her party day, but EVERYDAY long after the party is over!

Lalaloopsy Party Goody Bags

Lalaloopsy Party Favor BagsLalaloopsy Party Favor BagsCHECK PRICES

Lalaloopsy Party Favors

Lalaloopsy Mini-Figures Party FavorsLalaloopsy Mini-Figures Party FavorsCHECK PRICES

Lalaloopsy Puzzle Party FavorsLalaloopsy Puzzle Party FavorsCHECK PRICES

Lalaloopsy Coloring Book Party FavorsLalaloopsy Coloring Book Party FavorsCHECK PRICES


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