Lacrosse Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Your Kid Plays Lacrosse and wants a Lacrosse themed party?

Here are some ideas.

Whether holding the party indoors or outdoors, there are many things to do to make this an exciting day for all to enjoy.

This site will give ideas on food, decorations, party favors, games, and cake ideas.

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Party Games & Ideas

Attend a Lacrosse game  Many teams from professional to college have birthday party packages. Just search for your local team. (tip type the team name and birthday parties)

Go to a Sports Complex Many indoor sports complexes offer sporting birthday parties, including those for lacrosse.

At Home Games

Lacrosse skills obstacle course From as little as $6.75 each, you can buy toy lacrosse sticks. These can double as party favors for the kids to take home later. Here are some ideas for stations in your obstacle course. You can do this inside or out. Have kids go one at a time and keep track of how long it takes them to finish.

———————Station 1: Scoop bouncy ball with stick and shoot at target. Three tries to hit target. (target can be   anything form a goalie net to a cardboard cut out.)

——————–Station 2: Cradle the ball while running (weaving) around cones to the next station.

——————–Station 3: Stop, drop, and roll 3 times. But don’t let the ball fall out of your stick’s net or you start over with station 3. Only have to do this twice if it falls out.

——————–Station 4: Have an adult toss a ball while the kid is running and have them catch it on the run. Try up to three times before advancing to last station. If they catch it the first time, they move on.

Another Fun Game




Use the lacrosse sticks from the obstacle course as sticks to whack the pinata.

Or put a twist to the pinata activity. Make a lighter paper mache creation. Set it up and let the kids throw balls at it (one at a time) until it breaks.

You can also get a grocery storepaper bag , fill it with candy , then duct tape both top and bottom for support.  Have the kids whack it or throw balls at it.  Less messy then building a paper mache pinata.


Make your own Lacrosse Paper Mache Recipe


Lacrosse Toss
Instead of guest tossing water balloons or eggs back and forth with their hands, have them use their sticks to toss water balloons, eggs, or balls

(whichever you decide). The pairs that catch it take one step back to make the throwing distance further. Those that miss are out. Play continues until only one pair of tossers are left.

Lacrosse Party Favors and Decoration ideas

Water bottles make great gifts. As a craft kids can decorate them with stickers.

Find decorations or plates and cups with Lacrosse or sports themes some places suggested below

Decorate Clothing Buy socks or t-shirts and let the kids decorate them in lacrosse themes

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Check Out These Other Party Favor Ideas

Cake Ideas (click on one below)
Lacrosse Birthday Cake, Square

Lacrosse Jersey Shaped Cake

Lacrosse Helmet Cake

Lacrosse Stick Cake

Great Things for Decorating!!!!!

Cool thing to buy

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