How to calm a child with ADHD without using stimulants.

Here are some simple tricks to calm your hyper child!!!!

ADHD is a common psychiatric problem with children and even adults. It causes the person affected to be hyper, out of control and sometimes hard to deal with.
When you have a child with ADHD it can be hard to manage,they have a hard time concentrating and often they do not think before they act. They may have social problems and the school might be frustrated and put pressure on you to medicate your child.
as a parent of a child with ADHD I understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be.
The problem with medication is; it can be addictive and its not a good thing to start psycotropic drugs on a devloping mind if you dont have too. Although in some cases it is best to seek medical help.
Here are some tricks to coping with your hyper child and helping them flourish as the unique and often gifted individual they are
* Its important to recognize your child has strong qualities along with things they need to work on.
* let your child explore what he/she likes to do, they need to stay busy so encourage activities that are not destructive.
* depending on your childs age they will probably enjoy creating things, its always good to have some art supplies aroud. and some things they can use to make stuff like old soda bottles, tape, string, modeling clay or playdoe or anything else u can think of. Let them be creative they will probably know what they would like to use if u ask.
* Set boundries and follow through with them, if they are getting in peoples faces , let them know that it is not ok.
* encourage learning anyway you can. Always have books and flashcards handy
* your child has alot of energy so let them use it, everyday. running if they are old enough or suppervised outside play time if they are still young.
* limit the processed food, food with color or dyes and sugar.
* make sure your child eats and sleeps regularly, when they are tired or hungry , this can cause a total melt down. This includes going to sleep at a regular time.
* in addition to a multi vitamin _this is important_ give them fish or flax seed oil. these supliments are rich in omega’s which have been found to have equal effects on concentration to a stimulant, without the adverse effects. They are inexpensive, if the child is to young to swollow a pill just squirt it in their mouth or mix it with apple sauce.
*Last but not least be patient and understanding, these kids can be geniuses when they slow down and think things through.

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