Land Transportation in the Philippines

It is More Fun in the Philippines!

Have you ridden a Filipino Jeepney? How about a Tricycle? Have you been to the Philippines? Would you like to know?

Before that, let us give an overview about this pearl of the orient country.

The Philippines, is an archipelago country (It has 7000 islands.) which is located in the South East Asia. Surrounded by the countries Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, this is an amazing country with great natural resources, rich culture and tradition. Colonized by three countries for hundred of years, which are the Spaniards, Japanese and Americans. This makes this country more interesting. People are good in speaking in English in general (their secondary official language is English!). It is also a Catholic country.

Back to the topic, there are many ways on how you will be able to get around this country especially in urban areas.

I hope this article able to help you and know more about this beautiful country, especially if you are planning to have a vacation or business visit to this country. I will also list some Filipino words and phrases related to this topic.

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(Mabuhay means long live!)


It is one of the popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They are known to have colorful and beautiful decorations and crowded seating.

Jeepney / Dyipni / Jeep / Dyip

Minimum Fare: 8.00 Pesos


Wikipedia: Tricycle is common means of passenger transport everywhere in the Philippines, except on busy major highways and very busy city streets.

Tricycle / Tryk / Traysikel


Now a days, you will able to see Kalesa used as a public utility for transportation in just few places in the Philippines.


As time goes by, the prices of Motorcycles in the Philippines continue to drop and continues to become popular.

Motorcycle / Motor / Motorsiklo


Like other countries, there are buses in the Philippines too.


Bicycle with a sidecar.


MRT – Metro Rail Transit
LRT – Manila Light Trail Transit
PNR – Philippine National Railway Trains

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