Most Accurate Bathroom Scales

The Most Accurate Bathroom Scales Can Keep You Sane!

The most accurate bathroom scales are a must have for anyone who likes to keep track of their weight, after all any fluctuation in weight can be a big deal – ESPECIALLY if it’s an error!
Bathroom scales can be found in most bathrooms today but it can be a real pain when you go to weigh yourself and get a different reading each time – surely any good scale should give you an accurate, consistant reading every time?
My search for accurate bathroom scales uncovered a LOT of scales from manufacturers such as EatSmart, Fitbit and Whitings some very straight forward, some that will calculate body mass index or BMI and other scales with more advanced features, such as wi-fi smart scales that do a whole lot more than give a simple weight measurement.
Do you need such a scale or are you really looking for a simple digital bathroom scale? The scales I’ve showcased here have the best accuracy – you just need to decide what your requirements are…

Best Bathroom Scale…Gotta Be Digital

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Ozeri Touch 440 lb Digital Bath Scal…
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For reliable and accurate bathroom scales, digital scales have a better record. Weight is sensed through sensors and recorded through in digital format – their is no room for human error.
If you’ve ever used a dial scale, it can be a little difficult to get an accurate reading depending on both the size and look of the dial.
Reading where the needle points to is up to you and if controlling or managing weight closely with regular weigh-ins, inconsistant or inaccurate readings can be disheartening and frustrating.
On the other hand, digital bathroom scales are mostly easy to read because of the display – the size as well as the LCD and if there is a backlight are features to look out for. There are some really futuristic looking scales now on the market which would look great in any bathroom. They are usually battery operated which does mean you will need to change the batteries periodically but they do tend to last for a long time.

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom …
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The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale is definitely on my list of top 10 most accurate bathroom scales and can help you to keep track of your weight easily.
Digital scales have a higher level of accuracy than traditional weighing scales and these scales from EatSmart can track your weight to the nearest .2lbs or .1kg.

There are four precision sensors inside the scales which guarantee an accurate measurement each time you step on them so you can be assured that your reading genuinely reflects your true weight.
Apart from the accuracy of the scales, there are a number of other features that make these one of the best bathroom scales.
** Features
  • Auto step on technology – scales come on upon stepping on them
  • Attractive looking scales – won’t be out of place in any bathroom
  • Easy to operate, runs on AAA batteries, no more watch batteries!
  • Large LCD display with a cool, blue backlight making it very easy to read
  • Can give accurate readings up to 400lbs
  • A lightweight scales – important if you want to use in different rooms
  • FREE Body tape measure – ** added bonus

These scales always make the list on any bathroom scales reviews.

An Accurate Bathroom Scale For Simple Weight Measurement PLUS Weight Tracking!

For Consistant, Accurate Weigh-in’s Every Time…

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EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital B…
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Be safe in the knowledge that you are getting reliable readings each time you weigh yourself with the Precision Tracker bathroom scales!
EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale w/ 400 lb. Capacity and EatSmart AccuTrack Software
What I love about this scale is that it combines the best of both worlds – it is a simple straight forward digital scale, much like the regular EatSmart digital bathroom scales which are probably tops for accuracy but it also allows for easy tracking of your weight, enabling you to easily monitor your progress.
Your weight is recorded every time you weigh yourself by the internal software and each time you step on the scales you will see 3 readings, your current weight, your original starting weight and the change in weight since you last weighed yourself. Great scales to help motivate you to stick to your weight goals!

Most Accurate Bathroom Scales I’ve Found

….great reviews on these bathroom scales for accuracy…
Here are some of the most accurate bathroom scales – any of the scales listed here would fit the bill, there really isn’t a lot of difference between them. There are all neat looking, attractive scales and range in price from about $20 – $30. All have great reviews for being simple, easy to read and more importantly – accuracy.
All these scales come on as soon as you step onto them however the display size is something that could affect your buying decision – display size ranges from 3.5 inches to just under 4.5 inches. Make sure you check this feature if it is a deal breaker for you.

415SlFOWrAL. SL160
BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Ba…
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31mf9o4OEgL. SL160
Omega Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Sc…
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412UAPdpekL. SL160
Ozeri Precision II Digital Bath Scal…
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Accurate Bathroom Scales That Also Measure Body Fat

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Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus Body Fa…
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Bathroom scales that measure body fat are ideal for those who want a little more than a weight measurement. Many such scales however are not noted for their accuracy however this could have something to do with inconsistant readings, since body fat percent can fluctuate over the course of a day.
EatSmart are renowned for their accuracy and there are several other brands that also have a good record but the important thing if you are looking for an accurate body fat reading is to read some customer reviews.
This Tanita body fat scales can also calculate body water percentages which can be a great reminder to drink a little more water. Measurements are taken using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, which is the same technology that doctors use. The footpads transmit a low-level electric current through the body and resistance is measured to provide readings.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

… a complete weight management tool…

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, Black…
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The Fitbit aria wifi smart scale can help to keep you on track by doing a lot more than keeping track of your weight.
It can give you an overall picture of how you are doing as it tracks not only weight and body fat percentage but body mass index (BMI) aswell.
You can easily keep track of your data and see where you have improved and areas you might need to concentrate on. Your eating habits and exercise regime is monitored and you can access everything from a pc, tablet or app.

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