Neato XV-21 Review

Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner: Neato XV-21 Review

If you have a pet at home or suffering allergy symptoms, do not hesitate to read this Neato XV-21 review to figure out if this pet vacuum cleaner is the best gadget for your daily cleaning needs. Those days, people used the term “neato” to describe how amazing a thing is. However, this particular term already becomes a famous brand in the robotic cleaner industry nowadays and XV-21 is the latest model.

Most robot vacuum cleaners are feature round shape. But, the Neato XV-21 has a round shape at the front and a rectangle shape at the back. This unique appearance was attracted to me when I was shopping at the local departmental store. I then stopped by to look at the demo conduct by the promoter.

Well, stay on to read the in-depth review that I compile based on the live demo and online information. Alternatively, you may watch the video below to have a brief understanding of this pet vacuum cleaner.

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Neato XV-21 Highlight Features

Sucking Power and Filter

The promoter asked me to put my hand near the bottom of this robot vacuum to feel the strength of its suction power. He explained this mode is specially designed to clean pet hair and so it equipped with super-high airflow to pick up dirt quickly and easily.

As labeled as “pet and allergy automatic vacuum cleaner”, Neato XV-21 features a unique filter that could clean up three times the number of allergens and dust particles compared to other robot vacuums that work with a standard filter. To vanquish pet hair completely, it comes with a special Bristle and blade brush that manage to pick up pesky hair, dander, and fibers easily.

Coverage and Robotic Cleaning Technology

Basically, it is a good helper as it is able to work on any floor regardless of what surface is; whether the floor is wood, tile, linoleum, or carpet. Although it is not a special feature it does mean a lot for people like me who have different floor types at home and like to place carpet in the living room.

Now, let’s look at what intelligent this robotic cleaner has and how it manages to help us with the cleaning task. First of all, the manufacturer has been developed a revolutionary system called Room Positioning System (RPS). By applied such technology, the Neato XV-21 takes 360-degree images continuously while vacuuming to create a virtual plan of rooms to be cleaned with its built-in infrared sensor.

This hardworking cleaner will update its virtual map navigation constantly and keeps on adding new objects in case there are new items place in the room. This is to ensure the area it is working at is spotless whenever it leaves.

As the above video is shown it is smart enough to recognize doorways. Once it step-in a new working area, it will generate a new map so that they know where obstacles are. Did I mention how it conducts the cleaning task? Well, it follows the walls of the room to kick off its cleaning routine then vacuuming the baseboards. Before it goes home (charging base), it will move in a back and forth pattern to vacuum the center area.

With a fully charged battery, this pet vacuum cleaner could perform cleaning tasks up to 90 minutes covering more than 600 square feet. What if it running low on battery power and needs to recharge the battery while the cleaning job is in progress? Well, this smart cleaner will go home to charge then continue to vacuum where it left off. All in all, this robot vacuum cleaner is a good cleaning helper with its virtual map navigation plus powerful suction.

Neato XV-21 Review.

Pre-Schedule Setting

The promoter said the robotic cleaner is the most loyal servant. You asked it to start work at 5 am, it never begins its task at 5.05 am. Thus, you can have peace of mind to let it handle your daily cleaning task at a designated time. In case you are aware of vacation and do not require vacuuming so frequently, you could be asked this smart guy to tackle the cleaning job on a weekly basis. In case there is an additional cleaning needed before its scheduled time, you could simply press a button called “Quick Start” to begin its vacuum task or “Spot Model” so it would tackle area-specific messes.

Specification and Warranty

I personally found that the size of this vacuum cleaner looks similar to other models. The promoter said it is a compact design with 13 inches diameter by 4 inches tall that makes it unimpeded access under the majority sofa, coffee table, or any other furniture. By looking at the LCD display on top of this robotic cleaner, you’ll get information such as battery power level, full bin indicator, time, and date. The manufacturer is given a 1-year warranty on this product.

Pros & Cons

With onboard Room Positioning System (RPS) technology that combines laser vision with mapping, the Neato XV-21 manages to create a virtual map of areas to be cleaned then conduct its task based on a pre-set either daily or weekly schedule. Additionally, it offers an efficient manner to tackles pet hair and allergens with powerful suction on all floor types.

However, it would be perfect if it comes with a HEPA filter which is 99.7% effective at removing airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Please Visit us on Google for more about Neato XV-21 Review.

Neato XV-21 Review

Amazon Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars


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