Opera Singers Have Been Hosting Weekly Concerts in Their Driveway to Bring Neighborhood Together

A South Carolina couple has been using their musical talents to bring their community together for weekly street concerts—all while respecting social distancing guidelines.

Leah Edwards and her husband Dimitri Pitta are professional opera singers who have been setting up shop at the end of their driveway in Mount Pleasant to perform classical and contemporary opera pieces for their neighbors.

Not only have their performances served as a source of entertainment for the neighborhood, they have also helped to keep the community close together during the novel coronavirus lockdowns.

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“We’re practicing, they say they can hear us anyways, so we said why not take it to the driveway and make it a concert,” Edwards told WCBD. “It gets everyone out, checking on each other and get some breath of fresh air and make music.”

Although the news outlet goes on to report that the couple usually performs at the Gaillard Center, they reportedly have no qualms playing for a smaller audience until the outbreaks subside.

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