Things That Bring Holiday Smiles

The Holidays

No, this isn’t going to be a debate for or against the various holidays that surround us.  Those in many cases are ignorant at best.  What this Sirgo is going to be about are things that can bring a smile, and in many cases a very broad smile to your face.

Having said that, this is a rather broad topic that can’t begin to be covered in a Sirgo, so what I will be doing is giving you a handful of things that I find bring a smile to most peoples faces.  Your list may very possible and most likely will be different, and so I encourage you to make your own list Sirgo sharing what makes you smile during the holidays with us.  

I am going to share some of those things that I’ve found to make others around me smile as well as my family and myself. 

Tis The Season
to be smiling…FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

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A Laugh

A laugh or more specifically a baby’s laugh.  I’ve truly never met anyone that can resist a baby or a baby’s belly laugh.  The are cute, adorable and if loved so much fun.  The bright your day in the morning and bring a smile to your face in dark times.  But during the holidays, there’s absolutely nothing like watching the wonder of a small child as the awe of the holidays begins to unfold.  

If the child is very young 3 and under, it’s the “first” time they’ve seen the ‘pretty lights’ as my daughter would say.  The first time they’ve seen all of the presents and depending where you may live at, it may be the first time that they’ve seen snow falling.  Let alone seeing presents under the tree, all the food that they get to eat, and stockings hung by the chimney with care.    

Ah yes, there’s nothing like the smile of a baby or child at Christmas time! 

I've never met a person
that can’t smile when a baby is around!

The Foood!

Yes, I have to say all the food that comes out during the holidays is a reason to smile!  The average person puts on 15 pounds during the holidays without a second thought.  That’s a lot of extra calories, and the only way that can happen is if there’s plenty of cookies, candy and holiday celebrations to go to.  

The kickoff for this is Harvest Day parties, also know as Halloween.  No mater what your preferences for calling it, the calories begin then.  It’s a wonderful thing if you love candy, not so wonderful if you don’t want the calories (suggestion workout before they get here and it wont matter).     

Holiday Engagements
there’s nothing more exciting then seeing someone become engaged for the holidays!

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The Big Day

The big day starts with an even bigger day…that of getting engaged.  Have you ever seen someone that got popped the big question, let alone the big question for Christmas.  In many ways, it’s every little girls dream and the ultimate Christmas present.  

No matter how you look at it though, when she’s asked the smile will glow from one side of her face to the other.  There’s no one that will be able to wipe the smile off of her face.

Yes, I know there are times when it’s the woman asking the question, but for the most part we still live in a world where it’s the man that’s doing the asking.  And should you be the man that’s asked by the woman, there’s no doubt that you’ll be smiling as well.

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A Side Note

A Side Note:  I know that many people it hard to smile during the holidays for any number of reasons and the list is to long to mention all of the reasons why.  But consider starting ahead of time and changing what you can change to get you ready and prepared for the holidays, so that this time it will be different.

If it’s your weight, do what you can to lose those extra pounds.  If it’s your smile (or lack there of), do what you can to get it repaired.  If it’s not having many friends, start now to get yourself friends so that when the holidays come knocking (and they will), you’ll be ready and able to met them with your own big smile!

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