Holiday Pitfalls Bring Holiday Disasters


I love winter.  I could even make the argument that it’s my favorite season depending on where I live.  One of the things I love most about it is the snow.  I love to watch it fall, how everything looks so clean and how it really sets the mood for Christmas.  It’s simply beautiful.  If you’re a snow-skier or love any of the winter sports you can’t wait for that fresh new powder.  It’s what you live for and understandably so.  There is nothing like it in the whole world.

But there are warnings and challenges that come with it.  You might even say that there are pitfalls and disasters that can occur if you’re not safe and take the necessary precautions.  That’s what those that love the winter sports have over most of us that don’t…knowledge and experience of the challenges that come with it being so cold. 

If you are one of those that isn’t sure what to be aware of or look for, I’m going to give you some ideas of things you may not have thought about.  But then again, I’m going to give you some things that you may respond with a resounding ‘duh’.  So sit back and take a look and take to heart challenges of winter. 

but there are pitfalls and dangers you need to remember.

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If You’re Skiing Or On The Road

I had to combined these two, because if you’re skiing, you probably got there on the road…right?  As you might imagine from this picture roads become very very hazardous during the winter.  If it’s not falling trees, it’s power lines, and if it’s not the trees you’re ducking, it’s the black ice and hopefully not being electrocuted from those down lines.  

There are several disasters in this list that you need to take note of.  First of all, power lines aren’t the only cause of electrocution, you’d be surprised and how many people get electrocuted putting up lights and doing them in properly.  So make sure that you stay clear of those live wires.  And if you can, get the professionals to put up your Christmas lights.  It’s a far better thing for them to be hurt then you and your loved ones.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Also, depending on your type of lights, you or  your toddler can get burned by those ‘old fashioned’ lights that give off lots of energy.

Roads were another thing that come packed with problems.  If it’s not the drunk driver, it’s the black ice.  If it’s not the black ice, its the person that hasn’t learned yet that snow is dangerous if taken to fast.  Yes, even if you have chains on your car, it’s still dangerous.  One patch of black ice and the chains are of no use.  

If after all of these obstacles you’ve made it to the ski slopes, consider that the powered is fresh and it’s also lends prey to skiing into trees.  If you didn’t know, trees don’t move, and you do break.  If you doubt this, ask those that have found out the hard way…if they’re still alive.

Winter is wonderful...

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Brrrr…It’s Cold Out There

Yes, it’s cold out there, and if you haven’t gotten ran over by an avalanche, makes sure that you’re dressed warmly and don’t stay outside to long.  Part of the reason for that is a little thing called hypothermia.  Yes, I’m sure you’re aware of it and it will never happen to you, but humor me.  Even if you are aware of it, you never know when traveling from point “A” to point “B” you will be ran off the road or have your car break down and you have to spend the night in the cold. 

Make sure that you have extra layers of clothes and extra blankets on those trips.  It’s not just about having things for when you get there.  You really do need to have supplies so that you can stay warm and not have frost bite or hypothermia.  Please remember too that the little ones don’t keep heat like you do and they can spend only a small amount of time out in the cold and become hypothermic.  You don’t want that fun day to turn into a disaster!

Bundling Up Is Only Part Of Avoiding Hypothermia...
making sure that you have extra blankets, are aware of whats going on with the weather, blankets and extra food are additional supports to having a safe trip and not having a winter disaster.



If you fall and you’re not a child, it’s usually not fun.  This is especially true when you fall because there’s black ice or it’s just plan slippery.  Make sure that you have salted everything down if you’re going to have guest over, have steps or a driveway that’s prone to accumulation of bad weather.  This can range from black ice to slippery moss that has accumulated because you live near the ocean or live where it’s wet a lot.  Yes, this is where the hazards of Christmas lights come back in.  How?  Because of people climbing on roofs which they fall from.  And climbing up ladders, which they also fall from.  

Falls account for thousands of injuries every year.  These injuries can range from the minor sprain to broken backs and necks.  Which in turn can mean that you or your loved one can die.  

When you need to see a doctor fast...
getting to an urgent care is likely to be your best solution.

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Urgent Care

If you fall or have a minor injury, consider taking yourself or your loved one to an urgent care.  During peak seasons hospitals are overwhelmed and you can have to wait for hours.  I had a ruptured appendix before and got there at 4 and didn’t get seen until 930 and didn’t make it to a room until 5 in the morning.  That’s to long and when you’re in pain, you don’t want to have to wait that long.

That’s where urgent cares come into play.  They’re everywhere now and that’s for one simple reason: they work!  I have 3 within 10 minutes of my house.  I know where they’re at because if I need them, I don’t want to have to worry about where they’re at.  Obviously the best idea is to not need one at all, but if you do make sure you know where they’re at.  

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