Water is the essence of life. We need it to sustain us, keep our bodies clean, and to brush our teeth (even though Colgate now has these tiny little disposable toothbrushes that can whiten one’s teeth without using water). As human beings, our bodies consist of 75% water. Water can be found in a lot of places.
There are oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, waterfalls, and ponds. We can even find water at our local supermarket. There are all kinds of companies that sell ater. Try buying different brands to taste the difference. They do have a difference in taste.
I love Fiji water, Glacier water, and water made for babies to drink. To me, these manufacturers provide water to buy have the cleanest taste. And, to me, the most bitter tasting water is Ozarka. It tastes like aspirin. Next, I’ve shoppe at bargain grocery stores that have groceries for “rock bottom prices”. When it comes to water, the water is also different tasting.
It even feels different on my tongue. It is thicker and almost feels like gelatin when one first makes it and it sits under approximately one to three minutes. That’s the thicknessI’m talking about. As a result, I quit buying it. Sometimes buying cheap is not always the answer.
We are basically paying for water that is treated tap water. Then there is good ol’ faucet wate. Yuck! Sometimes one can even see the impurityof water by just looking at it in a teaspoon! Faucet and pond water both look gross under a microscope. Sometimes the water people drink fom the faucet is not treated as often as it should.
Occasionally, one may even hear from the news station that their city water wasn’t treated like it was supposed to be. Sometimes when this happens, the water may be even brown. Onecan’t even make a pitcher of Kool-Aid with this. Totally, ew! If a person thinks about it, the subject can get outright gross because this same water goes down the drain.
Then there’s the toilet. Without thinking, people cook wth faucet water, fix their favorite meals, and even boil tea with it. It’s amazing what other uss people have for it. They even put animals down the drain. From gold fish to othr fish, snakes, frogs, roaches, mice, gerbels, dead mice, gekkos, salamanders, and god knows what.
Polar bears drink water and water from melted glaciers. Sounds tasty (glacier water). With the same faucet water, people need to wash out a skillet just to fix a grilled cheese sandwich or whatever. Water. The essence of life.
Are you thirsty?

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