Pirate Halloween Costumes for Kids

Pirate Halloween Costumes for Kids – The Cool Costumes for Kids

There are number of great selection of pirate costumes for kids. If you plan to let your child be a little pirate in Halloween party, this is the right page for you. Better still, there are videos showing make-up tips for boys and girls.

Although the hot trend of this year is not pirates Halloween costumes, but I believe kids still remember those cool movie characters.

There are huge selections you can easily found online. I group them into two main categories: costumes for boys and for girls. I just pick 6 design patterns for each group so you will not spoilt of choices. Hope you manage to grab one and ready to go for the Halloween night.

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Pirate Halloween Costumes for Kids (Boys)

In my humble opinion, these two suits reflect a “bad boy” look (especially the left-side one) that is common feature of a pirate owns. I think it is great for any role-play with theme of police catching thief.

Pirate King Costume
Pirate King Costume
Headband, printed shirt with vinyl front, pants and waist sash
Pirate King Costume price

pirate Costume for boys
Boy’s Pirate Costume
Pants With printed patches, bandana, waist tie, skull clips(2)
boys pirate Costume price

Want to be smart pirate who looks cool and attractive? Pick the pirate king costumes which feature vest that wave to and fro whenever you move.

child Pirate King Costume
Child’s Pirate King Costume
Head scarf, shirt, vest, pants with boot tops & waist sash
child Pirate King Costume price

Caribbean Pirate Costume
Caribbean Pirate Costume
Shirt with attached vest and waist sash (**NO sword)
Caribbean Pirate Costume price

I found that these Halloween costumes make kids look like a gracious pirate who will let you go if you keep on begging. I think they are ideal pick for toddlers.

Disney Jake
Disney Jake
Jumpsuit bandana and pair of boot covers
Disney Jake Costume price

Rogue Pirate Costume
Rogue Pirate Costume
Jumpsuit, head scarf, waist sash, and boot covers (**No Weapon)
Rogue Pirate Costume price


Pirate Halloween Costumes for Kids (Girls)

If your daughter was boring with those Disney princess dresses, consider grabbing these pirate outfits for her. It could be fun to be the princess in pirate team.

Princess Of The Seas
Princess Of The Seas
Glamorous pirate princess shirt and skirt.
Hat included, sword sold separately
Princess Of The Seas Costume price

Pirate Lass Costume
Pirate Lass Costume
Dress, bandanna, sculpted broach, 2 boot covers
Stockings, weapon not included.
Pirate Lass Costume price

Are you ready to be a rude lady in Halloween party? Complete your outfit with following costumes which come with vest and definitely make you outstanding among other girls.

Caribbean Pirate Queen
Caribbean Pirate Queen
Dress with attached vest and waist sash.
Pirate halloween Costumes for kids

Pirate Costume for girls
Girl’s Pirate Costume
Shirt with attached vest, corset, belt, pants, boot covers and hat.
girls Pirate Costume price

I personally found that Disney princess costumes are too common as you can see in any party. Thus, consider to let toddler girls wear pirate suits if you wish her to be the cutest one in the coming Halloween party.

Pirate Girl's Costume
Pirate Girl’s Costume
Include bandana, boot tops, tights
Pirate Girl's Costume Costume price

High Seas Buccaneer
Toddler Pirate Costume
Dress, belt, bandanna, boot tops, hat.
toddler pirate costume


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