Purchasing Sick Simon By Dan Krall

Looking for a new children’s book for your classroom that’s actually going to provide some educational value? If so, Sick Simon by Dan Krall’s the perfect book for your next story time. This book entertains children while teaching them about the importance of personal hygiene. It’s often difficult to get youngsters to wash their hands. They’ll be lining up to kill the germs once they’ve heard this hilarious story.

School was simons favourite placeEye Popping Illustrations

Dan Krall has a background in animation. His past experience with entertaining children can really be seen by the interesting way he’s illustrated Sick Simon. The eye-popping, colorful drawings of short, chubby children with large heads are comical and adorable. They’re both simplistic enough for a child to understand, and entertaining enough for an adult to enjoy.


Sick Simon It was MondayA Fun Plot

This clever picture book follows the story of a young boy named Simon. Simon discovers that he is sick, but doesn’t think it’s a very big deal. The germs encourage Simon to practice poor hygiene so they can thrive. Children at school begin to become afraid of Simon and his nasty germs as he spreads his illness. He touches everything and sneezes on everyone.

By reading the story, you and your classroom will learn along with Simon how important practicing good hygiene is. Can Simon and his classmates win the war against germs? Only reading the book will tell you.

Two Buying Options

When purchasing Sick Simon by Dan Krall on Amazon, there will be two options that you’ll be presented with. You can choose to buy it for your Kindle, or you can choose to buy a Hardcover version. Buying the hard cover versions costs around $5 more. It may be worth it if you’re buying the book to read to a classroom. It’ll be difficult to show the pictures on your Kindle to more then a few kids.

Backed By Amazing Reviews

This book has extremely high ratings compared to other books available on the Amazon market. Currently, it has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Since it’s only .4 away from perfection, the chances are high that you and your kids are going to love it.

Comes With Audio For Kindle

Not every child learns to read at the exact same time. A Preschooler is perfectly capable of understanding the story, but isn’t so great at making out what the complicated letter sequences mean. You no longer have to read the book to your kid if he’s unable to do it himself. When this is purchased for Kindle, it comes with Audio. Simply start the audio and he’ll be able to listen. This will free up your time so you can get things done around the house.

Sick Simon Will Fix Bad Hygiene Habits

If you like the idea of encouraging goo behavior in an entertaining and fun way, you’ll love the way the kids respond to hearing Sick Simon. Whether you’re buying a copy for your own children or for the classroom, this book won’t disappoint.

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