Rocket French Review 2013-2014

Rocket French Review – Learn French Fast!

Rocket Languages is fast becoming the leader in language learning programs. We will examine and review Rocket French for effectiveness, ease of use, and cost in comparison with other industry leading programs.  
In a hurry? 
With all of the different language learning programs available it can be challenging to find the one that meets your needs. Rocket French offers something for everyone. Whether you enjoy learning through audio lessons or through association, this program will has it all.
This program is geared more towards adults who have always wanted to learn the language or are having to learn the language quickly due to a job transfer or promotion. Working a full time job leaves little room for traditional classroom instruction. With this language learning software you will be able to learn at your own pace, save time and money, and have fun doing it.  

Is Rocket French The Best Language Learning Software?

Rocket French is one of many language learning programs available from Rocket Languages. This program uses several different methods to aid in the instruction of the material. Auditory learners will find the interactive audio lessons fun and easy to follow. In addition to the audio lessons, a full transcript of the lesson is included that makes it easier to follow the conversations as they are played. One of the best features of Rocket Languages is the ability to download the audio lessons onto portable devices such as an mp3 player or iPod. This feature allows the user to learn and study anywhere, anytime.  
Another great feature of the program is the Language & Culture section. In this section, users are introduced to how the language works. You will learn correct pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. This is also where you will learn many of the cultural aspects of the language. Learning about the culture is just as important to learning the language as vocabulary is. Learning when and how to address a situation in a foreign language is crucial. This section will go over many different scenarios where the user can learn how to properly someone or a certain situation. If you don’t know how to properly say something, it could come across as impolite or even rude. The instruction offered is a great way to learn how to avoid these embarrassing mistakes. 
Rocket Language voice comparison software is probably the best I have seen to date. When learning correct pronunciation it can be difficult without immediate feedback. With the voice comparison software you can record yourself saying words or phrases for comparison with native French speakers. The best way to learn correct pronunciation is to hear yourself speaking the language. Sometimes what we hear when we are speaking isn’t what we really sound like. This software really helps to correct any anomalies in speech pattern and pronunciation.
The included interactive games and quizzes is a great way to test what you have learned. Not only do they help to determine how well you are doing, they are also a great study tool. Get bored easy? Just click onto a game to break up the monotony. The games and quizzes are challenging and fun, offering many hours of entertainment and study time.
I am highly impressed with Rocket French. It offers the user the flexibility to learn at home through audio lessons, games, and even gives the ability to download lessons to take on the go. The program offers both visual learners and auditory learners an easy way to learn the language. You can learn through association, memorization, and repetition. Every lesson is explained in great detail with the use of auditory aides and visual aides. The follow up exercises in each section are a great tool for gauging how well you have learned the material. The program is very well organized and extremely easy to use. One of the greatest aspects of this program is the ability to access this site for life. There is no expiration date for access. This allows the user the ability to learn at his/her own pace.
Overall, when compared to other programs that cost hundreds of dollars, you just can’t beat the price. I give this program 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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