Fluenz French Review 2013-2014

Fluenz French Review – Is Fluenz French For Me?

This article focuses on Fluenz French and a review of the program’s features and ease of use. Fluenz is growing in popularity substantially and is poised to become one of the best language learning programs on the market. 
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This program has some of the best reviews of any language learning program I have seen. I have taken it upon myself to try it out and see just what the big deal is. I have tried other programs in the past and was not impressed. As it stands today, I have only found a hand full programs that actually work as advertised and are beneficial in gaining a working knowledge of the desired language. I hope you enjoy this review and it finds you well.  

Does Fluenz French Really Work?

Of course it does! I think the biggest reason people say a program doesn’t work is because they don’t give it an honest effort. With this type of program you have to really study. You won’t become fluent in French with just a couple of weeks of use. It is at this point I believe some users stop trying to learn or just give up. Any program you try requires practice and patience. If you give the program your best shot then, I know you will see great improvement and you will be well on your way to speaking fluent French.
How does Fluenz French work? To begin with, you are taught by an instructor who is engaged in a conversation in French. The conversations are then followed by the English translation. The conversations are short and you begin to learn to recognize the French words and their meanings when they are compared to the English translation. This technique is very simple and it’s easy to pick up and understand many of the phrases and vocabulary. When you are finished going over the conversations you are then able to use the interactive “workouts”. These workouts are designed to have you go over the material and practice what you have learned. They don’t want to call them quizzes or tests but, in a sense, that’s what it is.
The workouts basically entail having the user match French phrases and vocabulary to the correct English translations. These workouts increase in difficulty as you progress through them. It is during this session that you really begin to learn the language. You will be writing, reading, and gaining a better understanding of what the words and phrases mean. You can do these sessions as many times as you like until you feel you are prepared enough to move on. I highly recommend working through these sessions until you don’t even have to think about what the answer is. This way you will be beyond prepared to begin working on the next section.  
My favorite feature of Fluenz French is the interactive audio software. This software is amazing! You can record yourself speaking in French and then compare your recorded phrases to the correct pronunciation. To be able to hear yourself speaking the language is a great benefit. This is where you really nail down how to correctly speak French. Another great feature of the interactive audio software is the ability to record yourself speaking one part of a two person conversation. You just record yourself speaking the selected dialogue and then play back the entire conversation. You can hear your voice in place of the instructor and then compare that to the original recording. This is another great way to learn correct pronunciation and to practice speaking French.    

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Is Fluenz French Easy To Use?

Very easy. The user interface is quite simple and navigating from section to section is a breeze. No one wants to be bothered with having to learn a complicated system just to be able to get from one section to the other. Fluenz has really done their homework on what works for the user and what doesn’t. Simplicity is key. Fluenz breaks down every detail of the French language into the most simplistic manner making the absorption of the information easy. Many programs overload the user with too much material at one time making the learning process much more difficult than need be.
In short, I was extremely impressed with Fluenz French. I loved working my way through all of the different sections and I loved the interactive audio software. I think the feature that allowed me to gain the best understanding of the material were the “workouts”. This is where I concentrated most of my time. I just learn better with the use of quizzes and test like material. You may learn better through the use of the interactive audio software. We all learn differently, so try all of the features out until you find what works best.  
For this review I give Fluenz French 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. Why just 4.8? I believe that no program is perfect and it can always be improved upon even though they are found to be at the top of the line in their industry. Thanks for reading and best of luck finding the best language learning software for you! 

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