Smiles Make The Difference


So what’s the first thing you thought when you read the word Smile?  Did fear pierce your heart!  Did you think, “not in this life time”?  Or are you one of those people that has that magnetic personality and a smile to match?  Are you one of those that one the best personality in your senior class.

Chances are you fit into one of these two categories.  Your either the one that hides the teeth, or laughs so hard that everyone knows that you love life. If you’re the one with a happy smile, then you probably wont care about reading this Sirgo.  If however you’re the one that has to guard you’re smile, then you will probably want to continue reading.  

Much of what I say, you’ll already be familiar with.  After all, if you hide you’re smile, you’ve leaved with the challenge of poor teeth for years if not decades, and you’re the one this Sirgo is for.  Because there is hope for you, regardless of your age, race or oral damage and decay.


A smile makes all the difference...
in your life and those around you!

Your Challenge

If this picture looks like something you see every day, I want you to know that you don’t have to put up with all the pain and the disfigurement that comes with it any longer.  You can have the work that you need done and you can look at doing it today.  
The common argument from people is really a two-fold argument.  First is: I can’t get in for several weeks or months.  If your mouth looks like this one, you’re considered an emergency and they will find a way to get you in.  Emergency?  That’s right, your teeth are considered an emergency, because of all the bacterial infection that comes with decay as bad as the one in this picture (and millions do) can cause death if it reaches your brain.  And that’s what makes this an emergency.

Second is the cost to get it done.  Again, any dentist that’s worth anything cares more about your teeth then when and how you pay them.  They will make arraignments with you, so that your health can be restored.  It matters to them, otherwise they wouldn’t have become a dentist.  

Consider for a moment the man in the picture.  He’s a handsome man.  But with the damaged teeth, not so much.  He found a way to get the work done that he needed to have done.  You can too!

Getting out of pain,
getting your self-confidence and self-esteem back, all starts with picking up the phone, and scheduling that first appointment.

Smiles Make The Difference101980

The Dentist!

The dentist is the key to having the work you need to have done, done safely.  Not all dentists are the same, you need to know that up front.  Part of the reason for this is simple: lack of skill, experience, compassion and technique.  All these things make a difference in how you are going to be handled.

Dr. Ghodsi is one of those rare dentists, that not only knows what he’s doing, but has been in practice for a long time so he’s got the experience and technique that you’re looking for.  Experiences matters especially if you have bad teeth.  I found this out when I went to a ‘small town’ dentist that thought I needed a simple extraction.  He shattered the tooth while trying to remove it.  What was supposed to be what they called a ‘simple’ extraction turned into a surgical procedure on the spot.  You don’t want this to happen.

Also you’re never to old to get the work done that you want and need to have done.  Often times this is something that concerns people when they get passed a certain age.  If you’re teeth need to visit the doctor, don’t let your age stop you.  If you’re out of pain for one day, isn’t it worth it?  

You can have the smile of your dreams...
you just need to take the first step: Get a qualified dentist, that has years of experience, that knows how to do the work that you need to have done!

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