When Your Mouth Isn’t Perfect!

When your teeth aren’t quit what you’re longing for them  to be, what do you do?  No, I’m not asking what do you do if you need fillings, root canals or other such work done on your mouth.  I’m asking you what do you do if you want your teeth whitened, chips filled, space removed or some other form of cosmetic work.

While for some of these there’s over the counter options, those can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.  I heard one woman talk about using whitening agents every day for weeks.  While the what she was doing was understandable for what she wanted (much whiter and brighter teeth), there was a greater problem that could and very well may have resulted… loss of enamel. 

It’s people like this that reinforce why certain things should be left to the experts.  And it’s why whitening your teeth falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry.

White Teeth...
aren’t the only cosmetic work that you may need and a quality dentist can do!

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More Then Whitening!

Cosmetic dentistry is often limited to people thinking it’s about having white teeth.  While that certainly is one thing that cosmetic dentistry offers it’s by far the entire picture.

Consider for example that you need to have braces, but you don’t want to appear to have braces.  There is an alternative, and that alternative is invisalign braces.  That’s a fancy word to say it’s a mold that straightens your teeth without the metal wires, that traditional braces come with. 

Like with teeth whitening, invisalign braces aren’t something that you want just anyone to do.  Consider that you need someone that has strong experience in cosmetic dentistry such as Dr Ghodsi in Las Vegas. Do your research and make sure the expert is truly an expert.

Braces without the metal
may be the solution that you’re looking for to straighten your teeth!

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Porcelain Veneers And Lumineers

Not being your mothers dentist, is where cosmetic dentistry will take you.  If you have teeth and you want them to have a stronger cover or stronger presence.  For your consideration and possible use: porcelain veneers and lumineers. 

Porcelain veneers are most commonly used for people that help and improve aesthetics aka appearance of the tooth and also used when a tooth has surface damaged.  So, if you’re teeth are damaged, this may be the perfect solution for you.

Lumineers are your lightest and thinnest option, with the lumineers being the size of your contact lenses.  No shots or sedation needed for this procedure.  The are placed over your natural teeth and give you that instant change you’re looking for.

Which procedure is right for you is something that you’ll need to discuss with your local dentist expert.  

The right cosmetic work
can give you exactly what you’re looking for in life: a beautiful smile.

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