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You have a beautiful smile!  What does that statement say to you and how does it make you feel?   Do you sit there a little taller, a little more confident because you know you do?  Or are you one of those that cringes and thinks, “that’ll be the day!”  or “I wish” or any number of other negative things.

Where ever you stand, I’m confident that something is evoked by that simple statement.  If you’re one of those that sits a little taller you may not care about reading any further.  

After all, you already have a beautiful smile that others dream of.  If however, you’re one of those that needs to have dental work and are looking for what works best for you, dental implants may be the answer…so keep on reading.

Dentures may not be the only answer
if you have no or few teeth. Implants may be a better solution

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Now there are somethings that implants can give you that dentures can’t.  Consider the following questions that may help answer that question.  First, are you ever concerned about being able to eat food?  For example, biting into an apple or eating a steak?  If you are, then implants may be a good selection for you.

Second are you ever concerned or have you had your dentures broken.  They are expensive and to have to replace them, can be quite costly.  Is this something that you’ve experienced or are concerned with?

Do you have teeth that are either gone or decade to the point that you’re afraid or self-conscious about smiling?  I know many people who have become afraid of smiling because of how people have treated them when they smile.  


Implants not only give you a beautiful smile...
they give you the confidence to smile and greet people boldly!

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Implants Partial And Full

You may be thinking that implants sound like a good thing, but you still have some of your teeth, so you can’t have implants.  Or you may be thinking that you have no teeth and consequently you can’t have implants.  While each case is  different as each person is different, both of these situations can have the opportunity to have implants.

Remember, if you’re not sure if you can have implants, consult with the professions and get their advice.  If you live in Las Vegas, one such expert is Dr. Ghodsi.  

If you don't need full implants...
you can still have bridges done!

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