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Your Health

I know of no one that would argue that their health isn’t important.  Having said that, I know of countless people who act as if their health isn’t important.  If you doubt this, look at all the men and women who refuse to go to the doctors for yearly checkups.  They often say something like, “I’d prefer to die rather than go to the doctors”.  Unfortunately that is the case for millions of people around the world.
But see it doesn’t stop there.  Not only do they not consider or care about going to the doctors, they also don’t care about going to the dentist.  I understand the reasons, it can hurt.  But I also understand the consequences of not taking good oral care, and I also understand that if you don’t take good care of your teeth, it can be disastrous.
Going to the dentist doesn’t always have to be painful. 
 Today, there are also many options such as sedation dentistry that can make your experience easier.

Lack of dental care...
can mean unexpected diseases.


Fear is arguable the biggest reason that people, male and female alike don’t take care of their teeth. Fear that the needles going to hurt.  Fear that they are going to have to have teeth pulled.  Fear that they’re going to have to have root canals, and so the list goes on.  But here’s the real deal, if you don’t take care of your teeth, then your health is going to fail.
Not only is your health going to fail, but it could have been prevented.  The reason that they want you to brush your teeth 3 times a day and floss is to prevent these challenges.  But brushing and flossing are only part of the story, because if you visit the dentists twice a year like you’re supposed to, then the likelihood of catching things before you have to have the needle, is substantially increased.  Don’t believe me, think about those you know that have taken care of their teeth as children, done what the dentist told them to do had little if any problem when they’d have their biannual dental check-ups. 
Do you still doubt the importance of dental care, consider the following problems that can occur without proper dental care.

There's a right way to do everything...
even taking care of your teeth!

Heart Disease And Other Illnesses

Did you know that heart disease can and often does start in your mouth?  That’s right, if you don’t brush your teeth often, you may find that you have heart problems down the road.  Simply put, the bacteria that’s in your mouth, can cause challenges in other parts of your body, including your heart.
Those with challenge immune systems, often have more challenges with illness due to the lack of proper dental care.
 There’s also been a connection made between those that get dementia and the lack of teeth that the person has. 
If you want more information there’s plenty of research and information out there.  Even blood sugar and it’s elevation can be impacted by the care that is taken in your mouth. 

Are you worth it?
That’s only something that you can decide.

It’s Up To You!

That’s right, it’s completely up to you if you’re going to take care of your health by taking care of your teeth.  Even after reading this, you may still not take care of your teeth, but is it really worth not doing something that so simple when it can truly save your life? 
If you think it’s to hard still or even not important, that’s unfortunate, but it’s truly up to you! 

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