3 Activities That Can Cause A Need For Dental Implants

The Event

Dental implants aren’t something that you would chose to get or or even think about having when you’re a child.  After all your parents told you repeatedly to brush your teeth and floss.  If you were an obedient child, you did just what your parents said every morning and every evening.  And if you were a brave child you took your toothbrush to school and brushed and flossed there. 

As we grow we get busy and as we get busy we often forget these things that our parents tell us.  What was skipping just this once, can quickly turn into a habit of skipping all of the time.  But even so, you might be surprised to find out that not brushing your teeth isn’t the event that I’m talking about.  There are in fact, other activities or events, that cause us to need to have dental implants.  Some may surprise you, while others will very likely get the profession DUH award.

So take a look at 3 things that can and do cause you to need dental implants.

Do what your mother says,
and brush your teeth the correct way!

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Events Number 1 And 2

The events in this case are all sports related.  I’ve classified these as two separate events because they are vastly different types of sports and one of them you will expect to have a need for implants, why the other not so much.

First up is the professional athlete in sports like ice hockey.  With hockey pucks and hockey sticks flying, someone is sure to lose their teeth.  This often times can be as young as junior high and high school, where the boys become very competitive.  For the average person, it’s not something that you’d every want to consider.  But for the ice hockey player it’s almost a badge of honor.  It means they’re tough and play the same way.  

The same can be said about football players, boxers and any other type of physical contact sport.  All of which you’re likely to have all ready thought of.  But what about bicyclist.  Have you thought about how kids often plant their teeth on the handle bars, or curb?  I know of several people where this has been more then a challenge.  While it wasn’t their first pick or even on their radar, a trip to the emergency room after a face plant, proved the need for dental implants.

Often times, it is those unexpected events that lead to the need for dental implants. 


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Event Number 3

As the picture shows, event number three is a car accident.  That’s right it’s not just the bike face planting that can cause you to lose your teeth, car accidents are also a challenge.  We tend to get caught up in the broken bones and internal injuries, and rightly so, but those aren’t the only injuries that occur when there’s a car accident.  

Keep in mind that it’s not just car against car.  It can be car against truck.  Car against pedestrian, car against bicyclist.  If you’re not protected, then chances are you’re going to get some sort of face and head injury.  Even if you are protected, there’s a good chance that the other vehicle is going to be larger then you or hit you in such away that your face, or teeth, are going to suffer as a result of it. 

If you lose your teeth, you can always get dental implants. You’re not stuck with being toothless the rest of your life!

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