Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical Trainer Review

Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical Trainer Review

With 16 highly effective workout programs and 24 intensity levels, the Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical is an amazing brand new, entry-level machine that you should simply look out for.

This exercise equipment is an impeccable choice if you are looking to get an incredible elliptical machine within the budget. With a decent value, the Smooth CE 2.5 is a compact rear-drive elliptical which offers value for money with a wide range of features that enable it to offer an amiable home user experience at all times.

It definitely is a good choice for light-to-moderate weight users who will give the machine low-to-moderate us. More so, its favorite home exercise machine for individuals with limited space as it has a 60″ x 28″ footprint.

Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical Specification

Product Measurement
As mentioned above, the Smooth CE 2.5 comes with 60″ L x 28″ W footprint. With the unit weight of 175lbs, it manages to handle the user’s weight up to 275lbs.

This elliptical machine features a fixed stride length of 19″. With such a stride, users could enjoy natural running motion while doing workouts. It is also satisfactory to users with average height or less.

Interface Display
It has a Blue Backlit LCD display where you can easily read the course profiles ranging from time, resistance level, age, distance/odometer,
pulse, and speed/ Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). As such, you can be able to read with much ease your workout progress. This makes it relatively easy for you to track your performance.

Foot Pedals
To ensure you get an excellent workout experience, the foot pedals of this elliptical trainer are shock absorbing. Your exercises are thus enjoyable and effective as they can be able to absorb any pressure and tension generated as you exercise hence giving you seamless workout sessions at all times.

Braking/Resistance Systems
This Smooth elliptical trainer comes with a magnetic braking system to ensures that you get a smooth natural stride motion which is comfortable and good for your muscles.

Workout Programs Types

The product features 16 highly effective exercise programs to ensure that all your exercise and fitness needs are met. The machine’s 24 intensity levels and 16 programs offer a range and variety of workouts for all users to choose from. You can also be able to create your own unique workout program using the manual program that the machine offers.
Other than coming up with an impeccable workout program, you can also use this addition to create a livelier exercise time.

Out of the 16 workout programs, there are 10 preset programs that offer basic tools to burn calories, shed fats faster, and ultimately tone your muscles. There is 1 heart rate control program to help you maximize your workout based on your heartbeat. This helps get an effective cardio workout. There are also 2 custom programs that are
designed to meet your needs, taste, and preference. Finally, there is 1 random program that offers a randomly chosen exercise by the Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical itself.

Warranty by Manufacturer

The manufacturer, Smooth Fitness, has been bringing quality fitness equipment for over 20 years in America. Now, the company is selling exercise machines include elliptical trainers and treadmills online with the purpose of cost reduction while putting effort into technological improvement.

Back to the warranty of this particular elliptical, model CE2.5, buyers enjoy a lifetime warranty on frame, 3 years on all parts, and electronics. Last but not least, there is 1-year in-home labor.

Pros & Cons

The Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical offers quality construction. As a customer, you are looking for an Elliptical machine of high quality while effective at the same time. This machine is durable and offers good value for money. The machine is an incredible choice for homeowners with limited space.

Due to its compact design, you don’t have to worry about where to place or put it in your home. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you care to set it in, you can be assured that the 60″ x 28″ footprint machine will fit right in due to its space efficiency.

It also offers a silent smooth rear drive which is incredible for users looking for a noise-free workout machine at an adorable price. More so, it features a SmoothSound Audio System hence you can amiably blast your own music to psyche you up hence making your workout enjoyable and a little perkier.

There are customers who view that the stride length is small. However, it’s vital to note that CE 2.5 is an ultimate home workout machine that offers immense flexibility especially for those with limited space as it can be used virtually anywhere in your home owing to its space efficiency.


Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical Review by Buyers

I don’t know about you but I am personally very particular about a company’s customer service especially come to a product cost above a few hundreds. Luckily, the majority of buyer’s feedback this company has a great customer support and react soonest possible.

Based on online reviews I can found, buyers commend that this is a quality exercise machine that offers a very smooth workout. There is no difficult to put it together with a helper.

With immense friendly features and enhancements, you can look forward to effective exercise sessions at all times. Other than the 24 intensities and 16 programs, you can even customize your workout sessions to ensure you achieve you burn calories and fats fast hence tone your muscles. All in all, the Smooth CE 2.5 Elliptical is a worthy buy and gives you great value for money.

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