BH Fitness XS5 Elliptical Review

BH Fitness XS5 Elliptical Review

If you are looking for a decent elliptical cross trainer that features natural range of motion, long stride and wireless heart monitor, do not hesitate to invest on BH Fitness XS5 Elliptical.

Honestly, I personally found that the appearance of this exercise machine is not attractive. But, it still worth to spend some time and explore its features since it is from the famous brand in Europe. This company has been established ever since 1909. I don’t know about you, but I have more confident with products manufactured from company which has goodwill at market place.

The XS5 elliptical actually is one of models from BH’s Signature Series and the company said “The XS5 features converging and diverging arms for a biomechanically correct workout, while serving up convenient features like fingertip controls that allow changes to settings without losing focus on your workout.”


Specification and Warranty

The measurement of this exercise machine is 75” (L) x 30” (W). With weight of 230lb, it manages to support user’s weight up to 325lb.

To keep user comfort during workout, it features a large cushioned anti-skid pedal that could support user both upward and downward motion in any given level of resistance. The particular pedals are built-in mechanisms to avoid the numbing of toes and maintain the safe use of the exercise equipment along with its ½” thick cushion.

Furthermore, its hand rails are dual aluminum and anti-jump guides that are said to be beneficial during workout. It also comes with transportation rails for ease movement in case there is a need to move the exercise machine to other room.

When you jump on this machine, expect for its 20 inches stride length that purposely designed to support full range of motion and ensure comfortable during low impact workout.

This is one of elliptical trainers constructed completely out of durable steel that available at market place. The durable steel ensures you to use this exercise machine for years to come. And, this is the reason the BH XS5 is covered with lifetime warranty. On top of that, buyers are enjoying 5 years warranty on parts and 1 year for labor.


Resistance Systems and Workout Programs

The BH Fitness XS5 elliptical
has with 12 built-in workout programs and 16 resistance levels. Pick one workout program that you interested. It definitely could help in developing your stamina, strength and your overall body when work with appropriate resistance level. Needless to say, it is better to start with the lowest level before proceeding to the next level.

All the programs have manual that contain detail information to guide user through the entire process. Be sure to follow the instructions in order to derive maximum utility from the exercise machine. Use the resistance level adjustment to customize the setting for the type of workout you prefer.


Interface Display

In order to attain targeted fitness goals, you need exercise machine that can accurately monitor your progress. And you definitely can found this particular feature with the BH Fitness XS5 elliptical as it equipped a red LED display screen with Matrix Window. It appears to be a digital basketball scoreboard that indicates measurements vital for you to monitor your workout.

It clearly displays various details such as speed, distance, time spent on exercise machine, number of calories have been burned, pulse rate and program profile. As the picture shown, there are total 12 buttons located below the display screen indicate 12 workout programs.



What Make it Outstanding Among Elliptical Trainers?

Unique arm motion, convenient fingertip resistance controls and polar wireless HR compatible are features that make this BH Fitness elliptical cross trainer machine outstanding among others.

Its movable handlebars with ergonomic arc design offer users an ergonomically correct motion for the upper body. With built-in fingertip resistance controls, it is more convenient than ever to adjust resistance level when doing workout.

Since XS5 elliptical is Polar wireless HR compatible, you can use a Polar HR chest strap to know your heart rate during workout via the machine display console; alternatively interact with the HR control programming.


Pros & Cons

This is sturdy build elliptical trainer. It is quiet when in operation and comes with extra convenient features such as water bottle holder and magazine tray.

The cushions really stagger to catch up the fall of the user and ensure safety. The mounted controls in the hand rails is also a very efficient and convenience way to alter the resistance level in a relatively safe fashion without you having to lose the grip.

Users have options to choose between 16 resistances levels align with their fitness needs. Anyhow, it may be not enough for certain people especially those who are used to do workout with commercial elliptical trainer at fitness center.

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