Tips for Picking a Dog

Tips for Picking a Dog

There are many families that are thinking of purchasing a first pet. The first pet is not always a dog. But, if you are thinking of purchasing a dog for your family there are a few simple rules you should follow to find the right breed and pet for your family. Some are looking for a dog to protect the house when the family is not home. Others are looking for a dog, because they have no children. Sill, others are looking for a new dog to add to the family, and introduce their new baby to the dog. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the a dog for you and your family.
When you want to get a dog to protect the house when you are not around you should pick a breed that is known to be good protectors of territory. Some breeds of dog that are known to be good guard dogs are the doberman pincer, the German Sheppard, the pit bull, and the rottweiler. These dogs are good protection dogs. So, if you are single and wish to get a dog just to be certain you are safe in the night one of these breeds might be a good idea.
There are other more simple dog breeds that are more loved by the general public. These breeds are known for their faithfulness, and dependability to their families. These breeds include the Golden Retriever, Black Lab, Yellow Lab, and Chocolate Lab. These dogs are faithful friends and quickly become members of the families that adopt them. If you are looking for a dog to become a member of your family, no matter the reason, one of these breeds might be a good idea.
If you are looking to introduce a dog to your new baby, you might want to consider a small puppy. Some breeds known to be good with small children are the dachshund, the corgi, and the Yorkie. This is especially true of puppies. These breeds tend to be smaller in size and quite tame. Babies are not fearful of these breeds because these breeds are playful.
No matter your reason for getting a new dog, be certain the dog you pick for you, and your family is
one that is best suited for you. There are so many dogs out there that are mixed breeds and these dogs tend to be very tame. The tamer the dog the better the dog will be with children. If you have small children you will want to be certain the dog is tame, and the dog is not going to scare the little one.

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