Types Of Garden Art

Garden Art

Garden art comes in many different types of art.  You see, garden art can be flowers that you’ve hand selected grown, feed and nurtured to be beautiful displays of nature.  

Flowers can and do make people smile.  I can’t tell you the number of times my family has walked by someones garden of flowers and commented on their beauty and smelled the beautiful fragrance that came from them.  

Garden art doesn’t stop with what’s in your yard.  It actually can transcend to things within your home as well.  It’s a matter of setting your mind to what you want to say and what style you want to have go throughout your home.  

Consider the following things for garden art!

Garden art...
can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Remember it comes any many different forms.

Garden Art: Art Itself

Garden Art: Art Itself

Garden art isn’t just  limited to flowers in the garden or front yard.  Garden art can also be literally art.  This includes art that an artist makes, as well as art that you make in the form of handcrafted items.  Such things as needlepoint flowers, fruit and garden vegetables are all common things that can be brought into the house and still classified as garden art. 

Consider some other ways that art can be brought into your garden.  Do you remember seeing any wheel-barrels filled with flowers?  That’s art!  As well as the metal watering cans, filled with a beautiful bunch of flowers in full bloom!  That’s art as well.  

Really art in your garden can be expressed in any number of ways and is only limited by your imagination.  If you’re not sure what to do in the area of creative garden art, just do a little research and you’ll be on your way!

Garden art doesn't have to be limited to the garden...
it can me artwork that’s within your home. That you can proudly say, “I made this!”

Types Of Garden Art106869

More Garden Art

Another way to look at bring art into your garden and your garden into your house, can be found in the artwork of tiles.  You can make tiles to place as stepping stones and back splashes for your kitchen, bathrooms and coasters.

If you really want to leave nature as nature, find some flat rocks that you can use as stepping stones or boarders and you can have your kids or grandkids paint them.  And every time you see their artwork, you will be reminded of them and have pleasant memories abounding.

Shadowboxes are another wonderful way to have garden art inside of your home.  They will add character and texture to any room that you decided to place them into.  

Your artwork says a lot about you...
what is yours saying about you?

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