The Art Of Needlepoint

It’s Not Your Mothers Needlepoint Any More.

When I was growing up, the Santa to the left was as deep as needlepoint would go.  At that point in time, needlepoint was considered something that children did in order to keep them busy and from being underfoot.   But like many crafts, hobbies and sports needlepoint has outgrown it’s childish ways.  It’s not that there aren’t needlepoint’s that can be down by children, it’s just that there are more dynamic pictures and work that can truly be considered to be artwork.

Needlepoint is so extensive and evolved now, that you can do everything from famous poets to actual artwork that is in museums.  Yes, it’s evolved and ?needlepoint is now something that can be challenging from the beginner to the expert.  

It’s no longer a question of if needlepoint is something for adults, it’s clear that it is.  Consider the following pictures and you might just decide to give needlepoint a try.

Needlepoint is really needleart.
Consider that you can get artwork for a fraction of the real painting, but with the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

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The Basics To The Advanced

Needlepoint is a simple thing to do, but it’s one of those crafts that has intimidated many.  So I wanted to take a moment and address the basics of needlepoint.  With the understanding that there are more advanced steeps then the beginning stitch.  Like with any other craft  you can do, you have the option of staying with simple stitches or going to more complex ones.  How deep and elaborate you go is completely up to you.  

The basic stitch is easier then tying your shoe.  When you were first learning, in all probability you found it a bit challenging. But you practiced and now you don’t thing about it at all.  The first stitch in needlepoint is simpler then that. You go in one side of the canvas and now at an angle for the second.  UP and Down.  That’s literally all there is to it.  The purpose of the video is to show you that it’s that easy.  Anyone can do needlepoint.  If you’re still not sure after watching the video.  Get one of the small projects a 5 X 5 picture or pillow.  

Beyond the basics.  Like with most any artwork, needlepoint goes beyond the basic stitches.  Consider that you can learn how to do 3D pictures, tie fancy knots and T-Stitch and so forth.  There are plenty of challenge should you decided to go in-depth with needlepoint.  If you don’t want to, then don’t want to do the harder stitches, then don’t.  

Needlepoint possibilities.
Are as diverse and vast as any hobbie.

The Art In Needlepoint

The Art In Needlepoint

As is the case in the picture shown, needlepoint can be artwork, it’s simple a matter of what you want to have done.  There are company’s out there like Chelsea Needlepoint that will even give you the option of having needle pointing customized for you.  Why?  Because your taste and what you want to have as a piece of art, may be different then someone else. 

Imagine the opportunity for you to have something done unique for that person that has everything or the person that wants to give a personalized gift to someone that’s near and dear to them.  With customized needlepoint, the options are endless.

Also consider that you get to select the types of canvas and thread that you want to use.  You can do the standard thread: stranded cotton, or go to finer threads such as silk, perle cotton or wool.  Another part of customization is the number of count in the canvas.  Again these avenues should be showing you, that needlepoint is no longer what it was 30+ years ago.

Where there's challenge, there's growth
even with needlepoint.

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