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My husband and I be married for 27 year’s. We first met when we both we’re just kids. I was 10 year’s of age and would of been 12 year’s of age. I met my husband through his sister, their family just moved in our neighborhood on the next street over. Although we were just kids at the time, we had no interest in each other at the time. I have spoken to him in a brief conversation with saying a few words: Hi, and good-good bye. My husband had his own friends who happens to have lived next store where I lived with my parents. The neighbor had three boys who were my husband’s friends. They be showing off in their back yard lifting weights trying to impress my female friends. “Big Show-off the boys were”. I may no mind to them, for the age I was I had no interest in boys and my impression of boys they were icky an immature. The boys more or less made more fools of themselves than making a good impression of their character. My friends and I be roller skating in front of my house right out front and the boys would be in the neighbor’s yard lifting their weights just as usual trying to get my friends and I attention to look over but we all would mind our business and look the other way and start joking and laughing at the boys outbursts. Husband sister would come over and join my friends and I in street roller skating but when one of the girls fall down, the boys laughed. Two summers has passed and I have noticed that Prissy was not coming over anymore, Prissy was my husband’s sister. So my friends and I wonder and was curious, why she has not been coming around. We hope we did not say or do anything that may have offended her. To ease our minds, we walked over to Prissy’s home and knocked on the door and nobody answered. The neighbor of Prissy’s parents was out in the back yard so we asked her she knew the family. She answered yes, but they have moved. “Oh, I see. Okay, thank you. I haven’t see Prissy in year’s and lost contact with her but one summer day my sister asked me if I would walk along with her downtown to go shopping to shop to get some summer clothes for her son. “Why Not! I said. As we started strolling down the block and cross the bridge we needed to cross to get downtown to the stores, my sister bumped into a friend she knew and have not seen for awhile so sis stopped to chat with him a bit. Sister’s friend happen to had a friend with him, I didn’t recognized him at first, his face was familiar but forgot who he was. We haven’t seen each other in some time since his family moved away out of our neighborhood three year’s prior. Sister introduced him to me and when he shared his name with me, I heard of the name and than remember who he was. I asked him to make sure if he had a sister name Prissy, he answered yes. Here I was 15 year’s of age, soon to be 16 year’s of age in a few months and He was 18 year’s of age and joined the United States Army, I was impressed, He was handsome standing there beside his friend in his Army uniform. I happen to had on that day, a Mennonite dress and a veil on my head that I wore because it was our church rules that woman be dressed modesty. He was on leave for two weeks and after his leave was over, he was being sent to Germany. Within those two weeks, he has called to ask my parents permission to court me. My parents gave permission as long we were with Adult supervision. Our first date was at a fancy restaurant. Our first meal we had together: was spaghetti. We been court-shipping for two weeks now. Just two days before he had to leave to go back to the Army, he took me shopping at Walmart’s. While we were shopping at Walmart’s, he said he had to go up front to the service desk and I wait at the lay away department. Well, shocked me and What a surprise: It came over the service desk speaker-the store sound system, whatever you call it. Ms. Beth would you be honor to take my hand in marriage and be my wife. All I remember is all these eyes in the store from customers were starring at me and my face turn as red as a red beat. He walked back to the lay away department where he asked me to wait, and got on his knees as I was standing in line and his words were to me: Well, Will you marry me? I was speechless, dumb funded so it took a few minutes to gather my thoughts of all that was happen that day. Customers standing in line was waiting for me to answer the marriage proposal. Finally, I said yes to his marriage proposal and here it is 27 year’s later still married and together we had four children and grandparents and have 12 grandchildren. All together, we will be together 40 year’s. We lived together for the first 12 year’s until we could raise the money up for our wedding and he finish with the Army time. I was 16 year’s of age when he asked me to marry him. He is the love of my life. On our Anniversary every year, he buy me a heart charm, along with a little note in what the meaning of the heart charm is: My first heart charm he bought me for our first Anniversary had a bell inside the middle of the heart and the note said: “My Heart Is Ringing for You! My favorite heart charm that I just receive this year on our 29th Anniversary was two hearts connected together, note describing what the heart meant: Together our hearts will forever be Connected to Eternity! God Is The Head of our Marriage!

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