Law makes it to easy to divorce

Recollect your memories when your first laid eyes on the individual that you fell in love with and asked to take the individuals to marry you. Ask yourself, What connected you to that person? Write a list of what you saw in that individual of whom is your spouse today? When the marriage grows, couple needs to grow with the marriage, if one is not growing with the marriage that is causes trouble in your marriage. A marriage is working as a team. It is total different when the person is single and had more freedom to do what they choose to do or how to live. When you make that commitment, it is best before going into a marriage to seek couple counseling and asking and taking advise who has been married for a long period of time. Set a date night- if there are children, find a babysitter or ask a family member if they would babysit the children while you and your spouse go out and enjoy the night together. Don’t over spend but also one thing that couples do is argue or have an disagreement how much is the bill. A date night don’t have to be expensive: It can be a picnic in the park, a stroll arm in arm walking around a museum or even a two day weekend to the beach. My husband and I been married for over 30 year’s and let me share the first five year’s of our marriage was up and down like a sea-saw. It got even worse where we both were at each other throats after we had children and started our family. We could never find time for each other because we always put our children’s needs before ours. There was a time where I thought about getting a divorce and even went as far as calling the lawyer. I reached out and asked for help to save my marriage. My husband’s parents were married over 50+ year’s and my Uncle and Aunt are going to celebrate their 75th Anniversary. So I went to them and asked how they got through the tough times in their marriage and they gave me a few pointers. (1) Marriage is part of trusting each other. (2) Communication (3) Forgiving (4) Don’t stay made at your spouse, talk it out and through it and move onto another chapter of your marriage. (5) Never go to bed angry at each other. If one should be taken through the night, you don’t want your last words be words regret. Last words should be said to each other: “I am in Love with You! (6) Work together,not against each other (7) Take a date night just for the two of you (8) Find in each other what made you fall in love with your spouse-find that spark again. (9) Things change and marriage grows, grow with the marriage not against your marriage. (10) When it come to discipline with children if have children, work together to come to agreement. (11) Not all house hold chores or discipline should be placed on one’s shoulder’s. Couple should work together taking half of the responsibility. (12) Learn to live with tolerance with one another, that way both can learn from each other to be patience. Children is like a sponge, a tape recorder and they will react and repeat the same behavior as they see in the home between the two parents. Have confidence in your marriage, don’t jump to conclusions unless you have all the facts. Accept each other differences. My husband snores at night, I mean snore and to be honest it drove me nuts. I stopped and thought how much I would miss his snoring if he would die tomorrow. All I know let divorce be your last option before jumping into making a quit decision. There may come a time where couple may have to get away for a week or weekend to have some lone time. Accept that and don’t make accusations. Respect each other privacy but be honest to each other. I love my husband more and more each day and he loves me. When we were going through marriage problems, we reached out to couples who had been marriage for ages. They have been through it all, depression times, recessions and raising children but it your love for each other that will keep you both together and work it out. Prayer, God’s guidance.

When one tastes salt so should the other, Let no man come between your marriage or woman or gossip or drama. Work together as one equal. Don’t ever give up Hope!

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