Versa-Loops Power Systems

What Are Versa Loops?

While a Versa-Loop may look like a giant rubber band they are recommended by some of the top fitness centers in Now Your City. The excercise loops are put into strength strengthening exercises, yoga classes and aerobics classes.

They require not extra video or major instruction. You can work with Versa-Loops while watching TV or you can use it while doing your regular exercise routine to added a extra kick.

A Versa-Loop is a band that has a different strengths from light to extra heavy resistance bands to help an individual work on problem areas such as gluts, hamstrings and quads. They are versatile, inexpensive and easy to carry.

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How To Use Versa-Loops

1. Step into the Versa-Loop and put it around thighs. It should fall just above knees.
2. Position yourself into a squat position, with feet just wider then shoulder width.
3. Keep in the low squat and take about 20 steps forward while still in squat position.
4. Rest for a few seconds, then walk in opposite direction.

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What Size And Length Of Versa Loop Should I get?

Versa-Loops comes in different resistance strengthens and in long and short length. If you are just want a little resistance you should start with the light band, if your looking for more of a workout work yourself up to a heavier resistant band.

Unless you are tall, you should start with the regular length Versa-Loops. The longer ones are for use for people that are over 6ft tall and/or doing more advanced workouts. If needed the long resistance band can always be doubled.

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