Victorinox Garment Bag

The Victorinox Garment Bag Is Both Stylish And Safe

We probably don’t have to tell you what airline employees can do to your bags.

But that’s only one reason you should seriously consider a Victorinox garment bag.

You should also know that in addition to being extremely sturdy (and guaranteed against what the airlines can dish out), they also look great for the discriminating traveler.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, this is the bag you should be using.

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Or keep reading to find out more about why Victorinox should be your first choice when you travel.

Travel Made Easy

Once upon a time an airline traveler or cruise vacationer could feel confident that his or her luggage would be handled with some respect. Not any more, you have to pay particular attention to the durability of luggage. How it looks takes second place. With any traveler size does count – the bigger the bag the more it’s going to cost, to the point where it’s cheaper to buy new clothes at your destination!

With a Victorinox garment bag, you will be able to carry an attractive and durable case that is designed for both the busy business traveler and the vacationer alike.

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The Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 WT East/West Garment Bag looks super smart and is ideal for the male business traveler. It weighs just under 9lbs empty and is made from “tenacity ballistic nylon” (ballistic is usually how I go after I get my luggage back) and it comes with a patented curved handle, so the wheels don’t keep bashing into your heels as you run through the airport!

In fact, this Victorinox garment bag has been designed for ease of use and comfort. It also features the usual J hook, and compression straps to keep your suits wrinkle free. There are mesh corner storage pockets that you can take out if you don’t need them, a mesh shoe pocket and a tie pocket. Outside it has a zippered pocket to keep documents and a copy of War & Peace for when your flight is canceled (again).

It also features an “approved” lock that lets airport security delay your flight even longer while they examine your underwear for whatever it is they are looking for. It measures 21″ x 16″ x 10″.

For the traveling businesswoman, the Victorinox Mobilizer NXT 5.0 Deluxe Garment Bag has been voted “best of the best”. It comes in bright red, so you won’t miss it if it actually does ever come out onto the carousel. Did you know that one in 12 bags does not reach its destination at the same time as the passenger? If you ever have to search for this in a lost property warehouse, you should be able to spot it without too much trouble.

Anyway, this Victorinox was voted best of the best because it is stylish and very durable. I like it because it opens up flat and makes packing easier. It has an aluminum handle, which makes the bag lighter, and it has a comfortable grip. There are ventilated pockets for shoes and mesh pockets with zips for all your bits and pieces, and the usual J hook and compression straps to help your garments stay wrinkle free. A zippered pocket on the front is handy for stowing your copy of Airplane and your travel documents. A patented system allows you to attach an additional bag for convenience, keeping both hands for those stiff drinks you may need.

It also features an approved lock system that the baggage handlers/airport security can get into. The Swiss Tracker bag tracking program will keep you in touch with your bag when they lose it and best of all Victorinox’s Carry with Confidence plan WILL cover any damage caused by carrier.

Victorinox Luggage Reviews

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is that you can research every purchase that you are thinking about making. Victorinox luggage reviews are extremely helpful when trying to decide what kind of luggage you will need, whether you have never traveled before or if the baggage handlers destroyed your last suitcases.

Victorinox is a Swiss company and the original makers of the Swiss Army knife. If you have never seen a real Swiss army knife, look one up, they are the most useful and compact items ever – with everything on them from a screwdriver to a toothpick. Just don’t take one in your carry-on or the baggage police will get you! The Swiss are masters of precision and have long been famous for their timepieces too.

Victorinox luggage reviews reveal that this precision has carried over into some of the most durable luggage on the planet. They have thought of everything – handles designed so when you pull your bag along behind you, the wheels don’t attack your heels. They have also introduced a system for tracking lost luggage (that must provide quite a number of full time jobs, as one out of 12 bags does not arrive at the same place as its owner). Their luggage also carries a guarantee that there is nothing defective in the component parts of your baggage and they will replace it if it is damaged under normal flying conditions. Nobody works in that department!

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Victorinox reviews are usually positive, people enjoy the well-designed bags, from backpacks you can also wheel along, to complete luggage sets, for those who can afford to send them anywhere.

Bags are made from an incredibly durable material called “ballistic” nylon. Whether this means you can shoot bullets at it I don’t know, but normal baggage handling conditions are probably similar to a war zone anyway.

Carry on bags are beautifully designed to keep your stuff organized and use absolutely every square inch of space – they had plenty of practice doing that with their army knives!

The Werks Traveler series of luggage are some of the best constructed suitcases available and they are extremely handsome – ideal for the businessman or frequent flier.

For every day use, there are wheeled totes, bags to accommodate laptops, backpacks and slings. Most come in a choice of black and red, and some lines come in beige and an attractive lovat green. Most of their wheeled cases feature angled handles and comfortable grips and also wheels that have the ability to turn a full 360 degrees, for ease of mobility.

So take a look at some of Victorinox’s awesome luggage, totes and business accessories and read all the Victorinox luggage reviews – you will see that their products are loved by many the world over. When you’re ready to order, search the internet for special offers, it is possible to save up to $300 on one suitcase during a special promotion, so it’s worth the search.

Chances are, your Victorinox luggage will arrive at its destination in better condition than you!

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