What to Put in a Bug Out Bag

Why a Bug Out Bag?

Bugout Bag, Go-kit, grab-and-go bag, 72-hour kit, molle bag. Whatever you call it, a bug out bag must carry emergency supplies for at least three days. Why 72 Hours? That is the length of time it takes for the authorities to set up disaster recovery operations. That’s when you are on your own:  no food, no water or other resources – and that’s when you need to have a bug out bag!

Packing a Bug Out Bag

Food and water aside, a typical “BoB” should carry clothing, cash and credit cards, vital ID documents, waterproof covering and small tools such as flashlight, matches, first aid items and pliers or similar.

Here are a few suggestions depending on your location:

Medical kit
Sleeping bag

Fire starting kit
Stove and gas
Hunting knife

Hammer, screwdrivers, small saw.


Portable radio (wind up if available)


Notepaper and pens

Local Emergency phone numbers

Plastic bags, ziplock bags
Plastic or latex gloves

Thermal blanket

String and strong twine or wire
Playing cards, small reading books

Local guide books and maps

Cloths or rags

Comfortable shoes, two pairs of socks
Comfortable clothing (sweats, extra underwear)

Jacket or sweatshirt

40 Piece Kit for Bug Out Bag

Kit includes supplies, food, and medical gear in a water proof package

UST Stormproof Floating Lighter

Butane Lighter is wind proof, storm proof, waterproof and floats.

Magnesium Firestarter

Campers’ Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter

Military Prismatic Sighting Compass w/ Pouch

Military Prismatic Sighting Compass with Pouch

Folding Entrenching Survival Shovel E Tool

This versatile camping companion is quality tempered steel construction with a rubber grip

Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System

Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System

Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove

ULTRALIGHT at 3.9oz packed in case, PIEZO ignition, adjustable flame

Bugout Guides

Choosing a Bugout Bag

Deciding which bag to use for a Bug Out Bag is largly a personal choice. Look for a large, well-made bag with compartments and carrying straps. A backpack is the best choice as it leaves hands free. Seams should be able to take the demand upon them, and straps should not rip. Outside pockets are good for small items such as a flashlight and penknife. All items should be kept within plastic bags to prevent leaks and protect from rain.

Starter Survival Emergency Bug Out Bag with FOX Tactical 3-Day Assault Pack

Backpack loaded with Emergency Food, Water & Supplies, including SOS Food Lab, Coghlan’s, Gladding Paracord & more

Life Gear Wings of Life Grab & Go Safety Backpack

This all-weather pack features an innovative design packed with everything you’ll need to survive after a natural disaster, even if you’re cut off from the infrastructure on which you rely

Emergency Survival Kit, Grab and Go Bag for Disaster Survival – from UK

The survival supplies come in a backpack, easy to quickly grab and go

Solo Stove Titan – from UK

Burns twigs, wood and other bio-fuel. Boils water in 4-6 mins (950ml water)

5-in-1 Outdoor tool set – from UK

10T 5-in-1 Outdoor tool set MINI-TOOLKIT folding shovel, saw, hammer, axe, opener

Bug Out Guides and Gear on Amazon UK

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