Where to Find a Free Voicemail Number

How To Get A Free Voicemail Box

How To Get A Free Voicemail Box
You may not know that it is possible to have a free phone number that you can receive messages on. The reason it is a good idea is because now when you want to see if you have a call all you have to do is call a phone number and a security code.
Here are some of the companies that provide free voicemails:
The one I am using is called Laservoicemail where it offers a free anonymous voicemail number. 
I like the idea of not having to worry about getting a listed number or using a cell number, now it is possible to give your friends and family your voicemail number or you can use this number when filling out entry forms for contests.
However you choose to use your voice message number is up to you, just remember that to access your voicemails you will be given a unique number to dial.
The only requirement is to regularly call in to check your calls and during that time you will hear a prerecorded advertisement message.
Thats it. Hope you enjoy your new free voicemail.
Other services include: Answering machines online, see them at FreeCenter.

Reason I use a voicemail service

Some of the reasons I use a free voicemail is that it has been helpful for receiving messages for applications or for interviews. 

You may need to have a person call you on a private number that is not part of your home or cell phone listings.

That is why these make a great option for a variety of situations.

How it Works:

You call the number and sign up for free, you will have your new number is seconds. It is easy and anonymous The only thing is that if you do not call and check on your messages regularly at least one a week, the number is canceled and you have to get another one.

So remember to call into the message service and you will be able to keep your free number.

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