Give & Get Free Stuff- Auctions for Free Stuff

Listia is a marketplace for free stuff where you can give away stuff you don't need anymore and get stuff you want in return for free. It's fun, free and very east to do.

Get rid of old stuff. Get new stuff for free. Get credits for giving away your stuff. Use your credits to win stuff you want.

Listia is a community where people all over the world transform their excess items into things they love & actually use, for free. Join now!

Convert items you don't use into things you love &  actually use, for free! Declutter & discover.

Over 100 million items have been traded for free on Listia - check out all the FREE items other people are giving away! The more you give and sell, the more free things you can buy without spending money.

Here is how it works:

1) List Old Stuff
Give away stuff you don't use anymore like clothes, electronics, jewelry, gadgets, CD's, DVD'S, toys, gift cards, games, books, coins... anything!

2) Earn Credits
People bid on your stuff using credits they've earned. The highest bid wins.
3) Get New Stuff Use credits you've earned for giving away and win something you want. Join no
w it's absolutely free

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