White Gold Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst Jewelry White Gold – My Favourite Pieces

White gold amethyst jewelry is definitely among some of my favorite jewelry.
With February being my birth month, I decided to showcase some fabulous amethyst jewelry as well as bring you some facts and interesting tit-bits about white gold and amethyst gemstones.
White gold hasn’t been around that long as it was only introduced in the 1920’s.
It came about as a cheaper substitute for platinum which had become the ultimate style and fashion statement and was extremely expensive.
It was used initially in the making of wedding and engagement rings.
Yellow gold is mixed with other alloys, usually palladium and sometimes silver or copper to make white gold. Both fashionable and desirable, white gold really enhances diamonds and colored gemstones and is increasingly popular. 

Amethyst – The Royal Gemstone

A Few Facts About Amethyst

The name “amethyst” originates from Greece.

Its translation means “not drunken” or sober, in other words.

It was believed that wearing an amethyst would protect against excessive drunkeness.

It was also believed that drinking from an amethyst goblet protected against poisoning.

Amethyst is the most popular and the most valued of the colored quartz family.

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Amethyst Pendant White Gold

A Stylish And Unique Design

Take a look at this fabulous 14K amethyst pendant in white gold – absolutely stunning!

This is a 1.5 carat, top-grade authentic amethyst teardrop, a beautiful shade of purple in a fantastic twist design.

The particular cut of a gemstone brings out and exposes the natural beauty of the stone. It determines whether the stone sparkles or shines by the amount of light it refracts.

The faceted gem cut gives the stone maximum light exposure and refraction and the round brilliant cut is the most popular faceted cut for gemstones, including diamonds.

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry64282

White Gold Amethyst Rings

Feel free to browse for amethyst rings in white gold – great range of cuts and fantastic range of shades. 

See below …. and  Click Here For More

Faceted Cuts To Maximise Light

Most Popular Traditional Shapes

Marquise Cut

Oval Cut

Brilliant Pear Cut

Emerald Cut

The number of facets on a stone can vary from 14 in a baguette to 76 facets in a princess cut.

A modern round brilliant-cut stone has 58 facets.

Amethyst And The Colour Purple

Amethyst Has Always Been Popular!

The amethyst gemstone has always been in demand throughout history. It was one of Cleopatra’s favorite stones. It is also featured in the British Crown Jewels.

It has always been used in the jewelry of kings, queens, the rich and others in positions of power hence the association of the color purple with royalty.

It was thought that amethyst encouraged celibacy and as such it was used in jewelry and ornaments associated with the Church. It is also referred to as “bishops stone” as amethyst is generally the stone used in bishops rings.

White Gold Amethyst Jewelry64296

1.50ct Oval Green Amethyst In Vintage 18Kt White Gold

1.50ct Oval Green Amethyst In Vintage 18Kt White Gold Filigree Ring With 0.25cts Of Fine White Diamonds

Fabulous oval stone in a beautiful antique setting. 
Perfect for an engagement ring!

Browse Amethyst Wedding and Engagement Rings

The Stone Of Spirituality And Contentment

Get In Touch With Your Intuition

Amethyst is associated with all things spiritual and physic. If you want to increase your physic ability and intuition, one way of helping is to wear a piece of amethyst jewelry. It is also a good idea to use amethyst when meditating as it helps in attaining a higher state of consciousness.

It absorbs negative energy so having a piece of amethyst or an amethyst geode can help to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

The Healing Powers Of Amethyst

Be At Peace – Calm Your Mind

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Amethyst has become known as a great healing stone, promoting peace and soothing the mind.
It is used in curing hearing and sleep disorders and people who wear amethyst jewelry claim to be great sleepers with happier dreams.
It is a great gemstone to wear to relieve stress, anxiety, grief and depression.
It is also effective for dealing with the nervous system because of its sobering and tranquil qualities,
As amethyst has such a soothing effect on the mind, it is known to enhance a persons mental strength and stability.

Amethyst Earrings in White Gold

Fabulous amethyst earrings in 10k white gold.
The amethyst here is a cushion cut surrounded by genuine diamonds.

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