Writing Articles for Money

Writing articles for money is like anything else. The amount of time you put into it is directly related to the amount of income you generate.

Internet marketers often spend a big part of the work day writing articles. Now, you are saying to yourself, “I just can’t see myself doing that.”, right? Trust me, it’s not as hard as you think. After all, it’s not like some major research assignment or a university thesis. It’s just simply writing about something that interests you and hopefully others.

When writing articles for money, the ultimate goal is to capture the attention of your readers and make them want to keep on reading the article and any subsequent articles you may write. The following is the 5 most important tips that you will need in order to be successful when writing your articles.

Good Content – This is always King. Your article needs to stay on topic and be informational. Leaving topic will both disinterest your readers and also result in low rankings within the search engines. So, if your topic is about Siberian Tigers, don’t make the title something like “My precious little kitty cat”. Also, the age old saying of keep it simple applies very heavily when writing content. You need to write your articles in such a way that almost everyone can understand them. The last thing anyone wants to do is have to open a dictionary and look up words in order to make sense of your article. They just will not do that. You may have them leaving saying to themselves, “Man, that guy is smart.”, but they will also be saying, “This is way to advanced for me”, and they will leave.

Make Your Readers Interested – Have you ever had to read a long boring essay or novel? I can almost guarantee you have and you remember the experience, not the novel or essay. School was always like that and the last thing in the world you would do is actually read the novel. You would skim through it and get enough to make your grade and then completely forget about it. How many novels do you actually remember from school? Not many right? LOL, Me neither. This same thing applies to your articles. If they are boring, they are not read.

Short Paragraphs – This is one that is often over looked. When writing articles for money, your paragraphs should be short and to the point. This goes hand in hand with keeping your readers interested. Most readers want a quick answer to what they are looking for and therefore tend to scan an article quickly.

Be Conversational – I personally enjoy reading something that you can tell is being written with honesty and more of a conversational tone to it. This type of approach allows you to keep your reader engaged and also results in a larger chance of making a connection with your readers. Make them think you are an old friend simply talking about things and share your knowledge.

Offer a Benefit – Make sure you are offering the reader useful information that they will find valuable when writing articles for money. If your article provides good quality content, you will maintain your readership and attract more readers.

Writing Articles for Money – It’s really not that hard

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