How Many Websites are You Writing for to Make Money Online?

Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

As an online freelance writer you have ample opportunities to write online contents and earn money. There are numerous websites online that provide writers to write and earn money. Joining a few good websites are the best option rather than writing just for one website because if for any reason that one website you are writing with shuts down you will have lost all your contents and start writing for another site.

Writing for Varieties of Websites to Earn Money Online

Writing for Varieties of Websites to Earn Money Online

The first thing that I realised soon after I had started writing online was that writing for just one website would not be a wise option. The reason for thinking that way was well-grounded as you will probably agree with me that if for any reason a website that you write with are faced with serious technical faults or shut down all on a sudden then all your written content will also stop generating revenue for you, besides losing the contents forever.

So the bottom line is: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Having had said that, writing with a few good sites can ensure your earnings to roll in even if one or two sites shut down or face some technical difficulties, etc. You will however, need to decide which writing websites you will be writing for.

It will be a viable option to join a few reputed websites that have been trusted by writers and that have actually good platforms to write on. Many websites have come and gone over the past few years but the demand for fresh contents has not decreased at all, rather it is ever creasing. What kinds of writing websites should I choose? Well, that will depend on your circumstances and your writing styles and ability.

Many writers just need quick money to pay their bills, so joining content mills can be very good option for them to earn some upfront money. They can also write for revenue sharing and passive income generating websites. If you want to concentrate on building a bank of articles and earn from these articles in the long run forever or for at least several years then revenue sharing websites and passive income generating websites are best options for you.

If you are able to write on topics that others ask you then joining freelance writing websites or bidding sites is the best option for you. Remember that your success in making money writing for others will depend on whether you get hired by them. You can write as a ghost writer too, meaning that you will sell your contents to others who will own the contents forever as their own once sold. There are some good article selling websites where you can upload your articles and sell them either by setting a price yourself or at a price set by those sites depending on the subjects, article length, etc of your contents.

To conclude, write for several good revenue sharing and residual income websites to earn for a longer period. To earn some quick cash write for one or two content mills and also for one or two article selling websites. If you can write on topics of other people’s choices then consider joining one or two bidding sites. Writing for more than one website thus help you generate money from your online contents and help earn more money online.

Learn and Grow

You can be a better writer by reading a lot, Reading articles by other writers can give you the information you have been looking for or that can be more useful for you.

Always read good articles and learn about ways to write many different kinds of articles of your choices to make money online.

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